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  1. Yeah, but how exactly do you fix it in Audacity?? Thank you!
  2. Hello guys--- First of all, thank you so much for clicking into this! I'm just wondering, is there any way (especially WITHIN Cakewalk. That'll be absolutely awesome) to remove annoying saliva noices from a vocal track?? (I know Izotope exists and is great but . . . I'm like pretty new to music production so it'll be nice to not spend that money ya know Back to the sounds---they're the noises your mouth make when you open it (annoying indeed). I've tried exporting to Audacity and fix 'em there but I only know how to remove the saliva cLicKs. Perhaps some good people can teach me how?? (in Cakewalk=the best; in Audacity=okay) Thank you so much!! Have an awesome day--- Vivian
  3. !! Thank you so much!! I believe that's what the problem is!
  4. So does that mean when you drag the tracks, the automations aren't moved?
  5. Thank you so much! It makes some sense now!
  6. I'm sorry if it sounds dumb but how do you drag stuff back (or forward) a few bars?? I pressed ctrl+A and dragged it but somehow the volume of midi tracks dropped dramatically. (Audio tracks stayed okay. is there a reason why it happened??) And also, when I drag it forward again, the midi tracks' volume decreased more and this time the audio tracks GREYED OUT for some reason. Is there a way to fix this?? If not, can someone teach me how to drag stuff around safely? Thank you for your time! P.S. oh and also, I don't know why the peaks for the tracks that went wrong are so low. It's even outside the box thing. (I'm so sorry I'm new to music production) Is there any way to fix this?? Thank you so much!!
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