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  1. I agree with the recommendations to watch some tutorial videos on YouTube. Although it is free, Cakewalk is fully featured DAW, which I believe was originally designed around the concept of a mixing desk. It has many good features, but can look daunting to the beginner.
  2. Oops, stupid me, I missed that. Thanksfor your help and patience
  3. Hi scook, I may be missing something here, but your link took me to a topic "Customization - Display". I've been through the preferences dialogues and searched the documentation without success. Where do I find "Bass Octave For Pitches"?
  4. A midi clip containing notes in the range C2 to B3 (white keys only) to trigger chords in a pattern in Scaler 2.5. However, when I tried this in Cakewalk 2022.02 I had to use notes on the range C4 to B5. I have checked the settings on Scaler and they are all set at the default setting. Has anyone else experienced this, or can explain why this is happening Cakewalk? In Live 11 Sclaer uses midi clips in the expected range (C2 to B3),
  5. Hey guys, thanks for your responses, But I have found the answer, and it is really very simple. Basically it is as described by Kurre; i.e. on the instruments that I want to produce a sound I set the midi input to teh appropriate channel of the midi generator. Then there is ome additional step - enable the Input Echo on teh instrument tracks that are receiving the midi, Now it works.
  6. Is it possible to route midi from one track to several different midi tracks on different channels simultaneously? The plugin that I am using generates 5 individual midi clips on 5 different channels and I would like to route each one to a different instrument. Can anyone show me how to do this, if it is possible, without investing inBlue Cat's Patchwork plugin?
  7. I may be being stupid, but why this rush to install Windows 11? If your system is running Windows 10 perfectly well, then why upgrade imediately (if it aint broke don't fix it). Microsoft has a long history of releasing operating systems which have bugs in them. As a (retired) IT consultant my advice to my clients was to always wait until there is an proven stable version before upgrading software. I am going to give Windows 11 a few months befoer upgrading as Microsoft will be supporting Windows 10 until 2025 (no I won'tm wait that long, but I am nlikely to upgrade before 2022). And even then I will forst confirm taht all my important apps have been certified for Win 11.
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