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  1. My feature request is to be able to choose a default MIDI input device that will be applied to all newly created instrument tracks. Perhaps this option could be added to Preferences -> MIDI -> Devices as an additional column in the MIDI input list. This feature is present in Mixcraft and Studio One, and it makes life a lot easier with my complex MIDI setup. When creating an instrument track, Cakewalk defaults to "Omni" and pulls MIDI data from all enabled MIDI input devices. This can be a problem in some advanced setups where you don't want MIDI recorded from a certain device most of the time, but you need it to be available for certain tracks in the project. In my case, I route various velocity and MIDI CC transformations to different virtual MIDI cables/channels for use with specific plugin configurations. Having to manually change the MIDI input device for every single instrument track I create seems unnecessarily cumbersome. For reference, here is Mixcraft's MIDI device preferences: By default, Mixcraft's default MIDI input device is set to "All MIDI Devices", but you can see here I have set it to "Midi Through Port-0". Note: this screenshot was taken in Wine, which is why it looks like Windows 2000, haha.
  2. The vast majority of software I use adheres to the following convention for mouse wheel behavior when scrolling a view area of some kind: Scroll wheel: vertical scroll Shift + scroll wheel: horizontal scroll Ctrl + scroll wheel: zoom This includes Audacity, MuseScore, GIMP, Inkscape, LibreOffice, Firefox, Google Chrome, Polyphone, among others. Many programs that don't follow this convention by default at least allow the user to change the mouse wheel behavior in preferences, including Reaper and Mixcraft. With Cakewalk as an exception to this behavior, I'm constantly fighting against the muscle memory I've built up through my daily computer usage, so much so that navigating views in Cakewalk has become an aggravating experience. So, if you haven't guessed by now, my feature request is for the ability to customize mouse wheel modifier key behavior. Here is Mixcraft's settings page for this:
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