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  1. Hi tecknot, thanks for the reply. What sort of interface do I need? Thanks Ken
  2. Hi, can I connect both my Alesis SR16 and Yamaha EX5 into my PC via MIDI at the same time? I don't want to use onboard sounds on either, but use drum patterns on the Alesis and use the EX5 as a controller. Or do I just connect and disconnect my MIDI cables?
  3. Hello again I have bought a s/h Alesis SR-16 and I have connected to my PC via MIDI, so if anyone has the knowledge and patience of how to activate the .ins file I would be grateful!
  4. Excuse an old dinasaur on his first post. I had an Alesis SR-16 but sold it. I notice there is an Alesis.ins file in Cakewalk content. What is it? Does Cakewalk have the option of using a computerised Sr-16? Please be gentle...
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