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  1. Thanks all, I see that now and may even recall nudging the console view off of the original 2002 now. Can I import my old VST plugins (MP3 decoder, Sonic Maximizer, etc) into the new format simply by pasting in copies of the files?
  2. So I have been using (and still am) Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 pretty much as it loaded initially. I ran it al this time as the tracks displayed, not using the mixer style display with faders and all that, but just simple wave display tracks. If you are familiar you will know what I mean. The basic new project with 2 audio and 2 MIDI tracks, and then I record on the audio and delete the MIIDI tracks, then adding additional tracks below as many as I need. So is there a way to change the default new CW by BL display to look like that old one? My current process right now is getting a new Win10 machine up in place of my trusty old WinXP and then bring all my old files into the new platform, so I'm looking to, at least for now, have continuity in the display to look like CWHS 2002.
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