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  1. Five presets doesn't seem like a lot, but the sounds are plug-and-play, no need to dial a good tone. Even effects are ready to go. Perfect! Thanks to Overloud and Choptones!
  2. Nice one! I hope they're not going to emulate scratchy pots, malfunctioning cables or power failure.
  3. I've tried it. Yes, it sounds better than v7. One of the best features of the new GP is audio file support and ability to sync it with the score. We've implemented this feature in MagicScore SongWriter back in 2014, hoping to beat GP and gain a larger user base. Didn't work out for non-business related reasons. Anyway, I'm glad that GP8 now allows users to embed audio and listen to proper performance which is hard to copy even with the gamut of sophisticated features found in the editor.
  4. Subscription is what they want from their customers. They've proven their plugins to be: great sounding CPU and RAM efficient bug free (I don't recall having a single problem with their plugins) easy to install and authorize Besides that, they constantly develop new plugins, add them to the subscription bundles free of charge. What's not to like?
  5. Like two different units. Almost the same. Waves version is easier on CPU, though.
  6. I use virtual guitars for mock-ups and quick arrangements. Musicality is handled by 16 real instruments. But thanks for the heads-up. I might wanna check OTS instruments for ease of use.
  7. I think demos speak for themselves. I've upgraded to Archtop 3 when it was released and do think it was well worth the money.
  8. Just love their Reaxis. My go-to amp-sim now.
  9. Toontrack and 4/4? 🤨 Are we to expect SD4?
  10. I can't believe they've built it with just Next.js and Three.js! Awesome!
  11. I wonder if the current RV4 licenses will be respected once the new version is released.
  12. People of the world are trying to do whatever they can to stop this war. Do you think filing a complaint on behalf of a user with one post and who's registered a few minutes before creating that post would be a step in the right direction?
  13. Haruki Murakami calls McDonalds food junk food and most people in Russia agree with this. So it's not McDonalds, that's gonna put end to the sick dictator's regime. It used to be the case when the war started. Now the situation has changed. Most people do understand that it's horrible slaughter of innocent people in the name of usurper who claims to be national leader. By most I mean more than half. Not sure how many exactly.
  14. My delusions? Please, elaborate. Absolutely! So don't do this. I don't. I am ashamed of sharing the same culture and speaking the same language with people who started this war and who support it. That's what I'm ashamed of. Not of what you imply and accuse me of.
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