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  1. Mr.Scook, you are right. It worked. I ended up re-installing BA and CbB again (downloading updater.exe and running it could have worked, but I wasn't sure if it would). But as you say, "V" button appeared on BA after installing. I think I was so lazy that I didn't update CbB regularly, then it became so out of date. That might have been the reason for the problem. Anyway, thank you for your help. Following is the steps I tried and succeeded. I'm glad if it helps anyone else who have the same problem. -------------------------------------------------- 1. Uninstall current BA and CbB. 2. Install the latest BA. 3. Launch BA and log in. 4. select [APP]-> [Install] 5. After installation is done, quit BA once, and launch it again. Activation menu Mr.Scook showed me on his image appeared. 6. Launch CbB. --------------------------------------------------
  2. Thank you very much for quick response, Mr. Scook. Now I understand what is probably happening. I'll install the latest version and try again.
  3. I ve been using bandlab for years and found message which says "you need to activate in 13 days" when I launched bandlab yesterday. I googled it, also searched article about it in this forum, and found that I need to login by the Bandlab assistant. I did it, and re-launched bandlab, but the message didn't dissapear. Some web site vaguely said that there is some "activation" menu or something in the bandlab assistant, which I couldn't find. I uninstalled bandlab assistant , and reinstalled, but the result was the same. Also, there was a message "there're available updates" with link button "アップデート", when I launched bandlab, but what happened when I pushed the button was just flying to bandlab website. Is there any problem about my bandlab assistant or bandlab ? Especially about activation, I appreciate immediate help. Thank you.
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