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  1. I have a suggestion to make arranger useable for live gigs or just working out new arrangements in real time. So, for example I have a tune Intro, Verse, Chorus, Outro format. I place a marker at the beginning of each section and assign the marker to a key (footswitch) etc. Arranger will jump to the section when the key is pressed but what I suggest is to have the DAW que up the keypress and continue playing to the end of the current section befor jumping to the next marker (section). Instead of waiting for the keypress in the last 4 beats to select the next section to play. This would make it easy to take extended solo's or re-arrange a tune on the fly. I'm not always able to catch the last 4 beats of a section. I hope this is the right place to suggest this. Regards, Frank Canupp The Frankielee Show
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