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  1. Alright, I figured it out! So basically you don't move the whole install file into the Cakewalk VST 64 location, but you only kopy paste kontakt (see what I did lol) .dll into the Cakewalk folder. It now loads up fine... but, what I now want to know is what are the Guitar Rig 6, Traktor DJ 1 + 2 and Reaktor 6, and how to use them in Cakwalk. What do they do and how to use them, basically? If I understand correctly, that unless I have the paid version, I cannot add third party libraries. But the video I was seeing had "Spitfire" in Kontakt, meaning it is a licensed library in NI, so how do I put my Spitfire LABS plugin into Kontakt, or there is no point? Thanks
  2. @abacabhmmmmm I am confused how is a step sequencer relevant here; two people suggested a step sequencer video but I don't see how it comes into play here
  3. Lmao love the sarcasm @Nigel Mackay! Yeah I have already learnt how to use the DAW and stuff. I have literally made 3 songs for a Pokemon project I am doing (see attachments - and then maybe review question mark). I watched the best free VST plugin video of another ytber, through whom I got to know about NI, and now I really want to try Kontakt sooo..... 01_ManiTown.mp3 02_Route1.mp3 03_AlluringIllusions.mp3
  4. So I was searching for free VST plugins when I found Native Instruments. This is what I have installed (I have installed all in my :D, not :C and in the Cakewalk VST folder - if this should matter): Blocks Base, Controller Editor, Expansions Selection, Guitar 6 Player, Kinetic Treats, Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt 6 Player, Kontakt Factory Selection, Mikro Prism, Play Series Selection, Reaktor 6 Player, Reaktor Factory Selection R2, Supercharger, Traktor DJ, Traktor DJ2, TRK-01 Bass. (Phew turned out to be longer list than I first thought lol). I have seen Guy Michelmore using Kontakt as an instrument track, similar to Spitfire LABS. What I understand is, Kontakt is basically where you can put all your VST plugins, and then you can put Kontakt in the DAW and use several instruments from only one instance. It is basically a manager so you don't have to look for each VST separately. Correct? Like similar to LABS - there is only ONE synth "LABS" but inside the LABS are various installed instruments. I also understand that before Cakewalk recognizing these, they have to be run separately first, which I did. But what I don't understand is how to add Kontakt and basically just like how to use Native Instruments for Cakewalk it is so confusing!!? I saw several videos saying you add it through the synth rack, but when I press the add button it does not say "Kontakt" anywhere in the dropdown! I am confused please help... Thanks in Advance.
  5. Sorry for the late replies everyone. Been a bit busy. @abacab yeah that is what I meant. @Alan Tubbs oh so you need a sampler correct? can you please suggest which one I can use, or link a video for explaining how samplers work, and how to use samples with these? Much thanks!
  6. So I am trying to compose music in my free time, and I have chosen Cakewalk. I have several samples (.ogg and .wav) for instruments, and I want to use them to make sounds. I had experimented this with another Daw - LMMS, and the samples work perfectly there in accord to the midi information, though LMMS lacks in mixing and synthesizing options, which is why I decided with CbB, as it looks quite... complex... so I thought it would be better in mixing etc. I have loaded the samples into the "media" tab in Cakewalk now, but when I drag it in, it shows the "audio" track, not a midi track, like how it is in LMMS. I tried creating a "midi track" and then dragging the .ogg/.wav on that, but then the piano roll does show up, but with no sound. How do I create a working midi with samples? I have unsuccessfully browsed every possible thing that could give me the answer... with no luck. I understand, from whatever I read, this has something to do with samplers and stuff I don't know how to do. So can someone please explain me how to do it? Thanks in advance...
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