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  1. Thank you for continued support for the great DAW. Since I am a Korean user, I have no choice but to use the English version. Tags in Korean(Hangeul) are not displayed in the new "Export Audio" dialog box. The text "♭" is not displayed either. Korean language is not supported in recently added function windows. (Articulation Map Edit, Arranger Track, Browse BandLab Projects..., Publish To BandLab..., FX insert context menu, (Tempo track)) In the Japanese version, Korean input and display are possible in the recently added function windows mentioned above, but we cannot read the Japanese menu. I don't know if CbB is willing to support Korean, but I have a Korean translation source to donate to CbB. Most of the translations of Menu, Dialog, and String tables are translated into Korean, and 'Help Module' remains about half.
  2. Hello, Cakewalk Team Thank you for making this DAW great again. There is a problem with the text display in the Dialog box. Characters are not displayed in the Japanese and Chinese interfaces. I don't know, but in my humble opinion, it seems to be sharing the characters in the "String Table" which has been translated from the previous version. Or, there seems to be a problem with displaying 3 byte characters.
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