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  1. 24 minutes ago, Paul Young said:

    Single machine use.  👎     It might as well be Waves.   I did not install.

    If you register it in your sonible account, you can revoke it and use it again

  2. 8 minutes ago, Starship Krupa said:

    Cool, thanks!

    Something that trips me out is how often people who make YouTube demos obviously have mix engineer skills, but can't or won't apply that to the VO track for their narration. The guy's lip and tongue clicks drive me nuts. 😆

    hahaha if I thought the same, anyway to be honest I have not tried .. I have too many add-ons that do the same !

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  3. Indonesian developer Mooni DSP has announced the release of Mooni Wider, a free VST plugin for Windows.

    The man behind Mooni DSP is Jevri Merdi, mixing & mastering engineer, producer, songwriter/composer, and vocalist from Indonesia. He collaborated with many Indonesian artists such as Tata Janeeta, Once Mekel, Liza Aditya, Maia Estianty, Rocket Baby, etc.

    Mooni Wider is his first effect plugin and is a free filter and stereo widener/ enhancer plugin. Jevri says his plugin widens the stereo field of any track, plus the mix will be clearer with more dimension.

    There’s a video demonstration but is in Malay. However, music is a universal language, so I am sure you’ll understand something:


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