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    Larry, where you at!

    hope larry comes back soon..everything he does for us is great..i even messaged him once for help and he was so nice and gave me some sales tips! 💕
  2. yes, it worked when I entered the user area 🤠
  3. It doesn't work for me either.. maybe it was temporary?
  4. Are antelope stuff native or just DSP HW?
  5. You saved me !, even if I edited it anyway !!
  6. I hate that you can't register the product in antares portal, if you don't have codemeter .. , I would like to just leave the license in the account and that's it, so I only see this possible if you do it on a secondary computer
  7. I'm old, how do I participate in this? It's a raffle from what I see
  8. I love it, unfortunately I bought it a few months ago lol, so if anyone wants to exchange it for something let me know
  9. Thanks mibby, I did the same and now everything is working normally 💆‍♂️
  10. when i try to create an account , it says mail already exists so when i try to login , it says password is wrong or mail is wrong too , i am very confused 😐
  11. I think the title should be edited so as not to break hearts! haha 🤠
  12. bueno, parece que el sitio todavía está caído 👻 it's online again, guys!
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