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  1. Can someone provide me with the software for the definition of instruments, it is that from the cakewalk website I cannot download it, it is disabled, I suppose they will be making new updates. Thank you
  2. Friend I already put it is very easy, now I want the Korg Krome, I'm looking for it but I have not found it yet, I want to download the program that the cakewalk boys have to see if they have the instrument defense of the Korg Krome. thanks
  3. Hello, I am new to cakewalk, I have the roland juno ds 76, and I have been able to see that you have the junods instrument file, thanks to you I have downloaded it but I do not know how it is installed in cakewalk, what would be the procedure to install and run it inside cakewalk, if it's not too much of a hassle, Would you be kind enough to tell me how it is installed? Thank you very much.
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