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  1. Been using cakewalk since the floppy disk days (home studio 3.0) and I like where this is going. I hope comping can continue to be improved to be similar to personas studio one. Also hope that the screen. Jews can get a tad easier to setup
  2. one real cool use for the chord track is with loops paint in loops of one chord and apply the chord track data from another track also if you are a good guitar player but a not so good piano player learn one chord and play it over an area then convert it with the chord track data
  3. I have used Sonar before, had X1 for a long while. Been using Studio one. I Want to give Cakewalk another try. Does or will CbB have ARA2 support now or soon? Does CbB have anything similar to Studio Ones chord track tool? Thanks in advance for any and all responses. Rob
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