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  1. Went over to check these out. I keep suppressing my memory of that Funk pack. I've clicked on it several times since release thinking "That looks cool!" and then see it is for those who want 80's funk sounds. I'm sure the one or two people who want 80's funk sounds are very happy, but WTH?
  2. They shouldn't do this to a fellow "Sonar Platinum x64 Lifetime" license holder. We always get value for our investment, y'know.
  3. Thanks for this. Despite my earlier round of complaints, the price at Thomann was one I could live with. I wouldn't have known about it absent your post. I've now moved up to 10 Suite. Happy (early) birthday to me!
  4. FWIW, Studio One 3 came out in May, 2015. Although I wasn't an S1 user at the time (well, I did own a v2 Artist license), I remember this because I had recently become unemployed and recall watching the promo stuff in between job hunting. So, as far as form goes, we could be waiting another year.
  5. Hey, we can be happy for you. Enjoy!
  6. And nothing in my user area. Must be the Synthmaster One thing.
  7. What was the date of this email? My last was from 4/14 and nothing about a credit. I only own Synthmaster full for PC, not Synthmaster One (except for the iOS version of that). Is there a distinction there?
  8. AIR has got to be one of the most mismanaged and poorly maintained brands out there, though.
  9. Great deal. Not lowest ever, though. it was briefly somewhere between $85 and $90 around the holidays maybe 4 years ago.
  10. The one before that last $1 one was 3 for free. It applied to a ton of different magazines.
  11. Thanks all. I am in the U.S. Fifth time was the charm. Got it.
  12. I tried that myself, but no success to be had. I dropped them a line. Thanks, Larry. Should've jumped on the 3 for free. Just lazy. Or trying to work from home while keeping my kid doing his school stuff remotely. Or something.
  13. I see the $1 offer when I go to the site, but it wants $35.99 in cart. Oh well.
  14. Already own most of this stuff and the remainder isn't worth $179 to me. Great deal for new folks, though. If this had ST4 Max and Modo Drum, I would've been in the poorhouse. Guess I ill wait a few years until this happens with Total Studio 3.
  15. Anxiousmofo

    SampleTank 4 CS

    If I already own 4 SE should I just install the new sounds, or do I need the CS license to replace the SE one for some reason?
  16. My wallet is safe for now, but these are seriously great plugins. If these were at 50% or more, I'd be doomed. Doomed, I tell you.
  17. In my recollection, that was a blink-of-an-eye offer that was quickly adjusted upwards. I would pay $249 for that upgrade if I presently had that kind of $, but that is the most I would ever pay and it is still not market competitive when most other DAW's have offered 50% off at least once recently. Anyway, enjoy your excellent value or whatever.
  18. What Sergio said. Further, the fundamental issue is that, aside from being structured in an unfair way for loyal users, their offerings are intensely overpriced to begin with, and their sales are middling. And they put most of their software development efforts into features for a companion hardware that costs another $799. It's their business. I just think they could have a LOT more business.
  19. I will never understand their business model, but apparently it works for them, at least. So it goes...
  20. And it somehow still manages to be outrageously expensive. $342 to go from 9 Standard to Suite? No thanks.
  21. Very much agree. I wish Ableton would take this opportunity to, for once, provide existing Standard users with meaningful discounts.
  22. Thanks for flagging this. Awesome deal. Marty Schwartz is a very gifted instructor. At one month, still much better than the 3 months of free Fender Play thing. Fender Play is okay if you need the kiddie pool, but otherwise not so much.
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