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  1. I was trying to do exactly that. Thanks. I've gone back and it has worked! Thomannmusic has upgrade from Assistant to Editor for $133. Much cheaper than the US providers. JRR is $177.11 in cart with FORUM.
  2. I bought the Portal bundle for less than $80 including VAT.
  3. Yes. Saw and downloaded that. Can't decide whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.
  4. musical

    Soundtoys Coupon

    The consensus is that the code only works if you signed up for the trial and received the code by email.
  5. Worth noting that I ended up with £1.90 in virtual cash after buying and rating the included products. So cost of crossgrade was reduced from £7.98 to about £6.
  6. musical

    Flash Sale - XLN XO

    Absolutely agree with this recommendation. It is really worth adding those weird freebies samples you got with magazines, etc. as they are really fun to play with creatively - 8-bit trash, vocals, thunder, traffic, etc. XO groups them in interesting and creative ways.
  7. musical

    Flash Sale - XLN XO

    I paid $82.32! I really rate XO but XLN needs to push it into the market much more aggressively. XLN needs an even more stripped down, even cheaper version, maybe even free, with the ability to step up to the full version without much in the way of financial penalty. XLN should also be making money selling sample and midi packs. It is superb creative tool with lots of samples. Those C64 sounds that ZincT and msmcleod were talking about in the Roland thread are great in this. I've gone a bit mad with samples - I now have 279,181 samples indexed in XO.
  8. Features look great for a free update. But I found the 'musical' examples sounded horrendous. Is that just me? I was watching thinking 'Should I buy a Mac?' but then remembered that this is the first significant update to Logic in a long time and that a 16" Pro with 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD costs £3,399. I just checked. And if Apple again decides to leave the Pro Macs to rot, as it did until recently, you're using a DAW which ties you to Apple.
  9. I would have signed up already but I'm waiting for the moment when I can take greatest advantage of the whole package for free for the first month.
  10. Zenology for $3 per month, no commitment, looks worth a look. - certainly when compared with the purchase price of the new Korg Triton plugin.
  11. $3 per month for Zenology in the Core Collection.
  12. https://www.rolandcloud.com/news/welcome-to-the-new-and-improved-roland-cloud
  13. Now from $3 per month... https://www.engadget.com/roland-slashes-the-starting-price-of-its-cloud-synth-subscriptions-070036849.html
  14. Is it just me or is that the worst teaser ever? It just has a 2.0 graphic and some synth noises for a few seconds. Or am I missing something?
  15. musical

    Soundtoys Coupon

    Just send the money to me.
  16. musical

    Soundtoys Coupon

    Effects rack for $99? Very hard to resist.
  17. I own both and didn't get a $9 credit.
  18. Really sorry about your brother. It is hard to believe but also inevitable that an obsession with dogma can overwhelm basic human decency. You deserved better in your hour of need. I hope you found it. I meet a lot of people whose loved ones have died by suicide. It is nearly always appalling for those left behind. Incredibly difficult. I wish you and your family all the best.
  19. Not the time to be trying to raise new funding, during the worst pandemic for over a century and with oil prices turning negative. Markets spooked and can't even hold meetings. Looks like a fire sale to me. InMusic has a track record of buying products and then milking them to death.
  20. Does anybody know the terms of the $99 voucher? If it is $99 to spend that is one thing. If it is $99 off a $299 spend, that is quite another. That's the key question for me.
  21. I think the IK download policy belongs to a different age when bandwidth cost a lot of money BUT it isn't what most people would call a 'few days'. It is 180 days. Which is about six months. The the cost to download again is $10 for all of your products. IIRC Spectrasonics charged $10 per product last time I needed another download.
  22. I sold Modo Bass for £50 today and bought Total Studio Max for £100. The transfer of Modo Bass cost £15, so my final cost was £65. I can live with that.
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