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  1. You might need to email NI and explain. I imagine they will be fine.
  2. I got my free upgrade from Ultimate 12 to 13 by email this morning...
  3. I wrote: They replied: So, not very helpful at all.
  4. musical

    IK VI Group Buy

    Can I buy something I already own and register it to get into the group buy? i.e. can you have more than two IK licences of the same product on the same account?
  5. I was charged $34.33 to upgrade from Analog Lab 1. That's a discount of $64.67 from the usual price of $99 and 67% rather than 50%. So, worth checking if you have an old copy of Analog Lab that hasn't been upgraded.
  6. Can't see Sound on Sound, Larry. On US or UK sites. Got a link to Sound on Sound?
  7. Very rarely this cheap. https://www.zinio.com/sound-on-sound-uk-m34729
  8. musical

    IK Mixbox

    Which is given away free to those who own all Soundtoys plugins...
  9. musical

    IK Mixbox

    Even Waves gave StudioRack away to its users for free. For those of us who already own everything, $99 for this is simply insulting. I can't see how this should be anything other than free to existing owners of Total Studio or the constituent elements.
  10. https://www.jrrshop.com/soundtoys-effect-rack 14 Soundtoys plugins in rack for average cost of less than $6 each.
  11. I just bought for Ultimate Upgrade from Scan for £249. I tried really hard not to.
  12. musical

    D16 Drumazon

    $29 with $2.90 in Deluxe Bucks at audiodeluxe.
  13. I bought the year two collection for just over $41 from everyplugin which I think is fantastic value. One of the first synths I played was a Juno 60 and it made some pretty unique sounds. It is much quicker and fanastic to have a Juno, Polymoog, DX7, ARP 2600 and Airwave that you can use as is or make unique with modular components. I can't see why anybody who owns Voltage Modular wouldn't buy this for $41.
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