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  1. musical


    Is it because an increasing number of buyers can only play with one hand?
  2. I suspect the upgrade price from M1 LE will not go lower for a long time, if ever.
  3. Six screen sizes in the Triton demo under Menu-Screen Size.
  4. Retail price for KORG Collection - Special Bundle v2, which now includes Triton, is $399. Retail price for Triton is $249, reduced to $199 in the sale. If I interpret the sale pricing correctly, the upgrade to include Triton from the collection is $149, $199 from M1LE, reduced from $199 and $299 respectively.
  5. The "TRITON" music workstation revived: KORG Collection - TRITON is now available! Limited Time Sale. More than 15 years have passed since the release of the KORG Legacy Collection, a pioneer of software-based synthesizers offering full recreations of the analog circuits and digital systems of generations of KORG synthesizers. In 2017, we added the ARP ODYSSEY and re-released the collection under the name Korg Collection. Now in 2019, the TRITON is the newest addition to the Korg Collection. Originally released in 1999, the TRITON achieved huge popularity across many genres and continues to be used more than 20 years later. The new Korg Collection TRITON comes with the complete EXB-PCM soundboard series, giving you access to a huge array of sounds so you can achieve TRITON's full potential. To commemorate the release of KORG Collection - TRITON there is a limited time sale (up to 50% OFF). Don’t miss this great opportunity to pick up the KORG Collection series at this special price. The sale lasts until January 16, 2020.
  6. Details are here: https://korg.shop/korg-collection-special-bundle-v2-for-m1-le.html Upgrade to new collection including Triton from M1 LE is $199. I'm sure there will be a special offer for collection owners too. There is an introductory discount on Triton without upgrade from $249 to $199. Contains all the original expansions. I'm extremely tempted.
  7. musical

    PA Vouchers!

    Now to decide whether to buy Thorn for $25 or Pigments 2 for $69... Tantra is my favourite effect...
  8. I don't know what the prices are like in the States but here in the UK you can buy an i7-8565U 8GB 256GB NVME 2GB WX2100 100% sRGB 1920 x 1080 W10 Pro Backlit Dell 3540 Precision Mobile Workstation for about £850 with vouchers and including VAT. It is designed to be accessible, loads of ports and upgradeable, reliable, three year onsite warranty, etc. MIL spec. I can't understand why people want super slim, non-upgradeable PCs for DAWs. In addition, workstations have decent cooling so processors don't overheat and slow down nearly as often, so they stay fast, which is important in a DAW. There's no point having an i7 that runs at half its speed after a few seconds. My Precision 3510 has 16GB RAM and 2.5TB SSD. Easy to take this 3540 to 16GB with an 8GB stick and to upgrade the SSD too when required.
  9. They've just doubled the prices so everything is $30 after the discount. Waves must think we're stupid. Can't see them selling much today. Actually, I'm being a bit unfair. You can buy a VU Meter they've previously given away free for $20 after discount. What a sale!
  10. I've got a fee free credit card, so no PayPal loading for me. I have a credit card that has no surcharge for foreign currency transactions, and which simply applies the MasterCard rate, stored in my PayPal account. I pay with PayPal but use that card in the original currency to make the payment. Saves a lot of money, especially now that PayPal's currency charges are so unreasonable.
  11. $23.36 at thomannmusic https://www.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_ezkeys_classic_electrics.htm
  12. I'd been resisting but couldn't. For $14, I couldn't even be bothered to bother Koby. If you have Gold out of WUP, it is a complete no-brainer, particularly with the new GUIs.
  13. Upgraded Gold to Gold + RenMaxx for $14. Was out of WUP too.
  14. XLN XO All the Samples from Mars Wave Alchemy Synth Drums for £0.55! Novation Circuit Mono Station for £143.99 brand new from Novation! EZ Keys Dream Machine. Groove Monkee Breakbeat MIDI AAS Strum-2 Funky Cat upgrade Waves Berzerk, OneKnob Wetter, AR Saturator, MDMX + one to choose Voltage Modular upgrade to Core & Electro Drums
  15. They never have for me. But I tend to use them the next time there is a buy one, get one free or whatever. Buy a plugin when cheap, wait for prices to double and Waves to move to BOGOF, register plugin, get a freebie, etc.
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