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  1. Don't just use drum samples. Let the algorithm go to work on 8-bit sounds, hits, etc. That's how you get the most interesting sounds and creativity.
  2. This is a really good buy.
  3. If you buy from bestservice you get bestcoins which takes the price below JRR and you can use bestcoin you already have. Price is $128.48 for the upgrade and you get 4.05 bestcoin. I had about 7 bestcoin. https://www.bestservice.com/studio_one_5_professional_upgrades.html
  4. On the one hand, I'm really excited about the new version of S1. VI-Control has rumours of MPE, all native plugins updated, new time stretch algorithm, tape, keyswitches, integrated note editor, better support for hardware, new scene and live recording features, clip gain edit and new SQ controller. On the other, I'm still really annoyed with Presonus for charging immediate upgraders full price, then halving the price for later upgraders who also got a free console shaper, CTC-1, that was never offered to its most loyal customers who paid double. If I buy it, it will cost me $79.99 or best $39.99 in a sale.
  5. I never thought Steve Jobs was a god. I don't own an iPhone. I don't like walled gardens or Tim Cook. I don't buy Macs. But if this is reasonably priced, as I guess it will be in the early stages to drive adoption, this will be a game changer and I will move to a Mac laptop. The only thing that will stop me is if they play stupid storage games (as in ridiculous prices for paltry amounts). I've know ARM since I studied at Cambridge and the architecture and people are first class and Apple has invested huge amounts to customise and build upon that architecture. Intel has lost the plot, essentially because it messed up the transition to 10nm and 7nm and its performance is nothing like it should be because of its need to support legacy x86. The performance of Apple's processors is superb, as is their low power consumption. Their Apple operating system will make the most of the full capabilities of the hardware. Imagine being able to run all those great iPad music apps directly on a laptop... Over the last few years, I've made sure that when I buy software, I am buying a Mac and PC licence - hence the move to Studio One. Apple does plenty of hype but this is huge. Bigger than most people realise. Intel. Microsoft and PC manufacturers will have to innovate, change the way they operate.
  6. I'm sure most of us have enough drum sounds for XO, especially if one owns Samples from Mars, magazine samples, etc. and uses the editor. I'd recommend trying non-drum sounds in XO - 8-bit effects, grunge, kitchen sink, guitars, stabs, etc with the editor too. That is when, in my opinion, it comes into its own and is very creative and original sounding. XO identifies really interesting samples and classifies them to use in ways that I would never have thought of. Don't just scan drum sample folders.
  7. Create better harmonies in any genre Hi For your latest Sound Collective offer, we've teamed up with FrozenPlain to bring you Obelisk - a plug-in that allows you to easily explore new harmonies for your melodic lines, and makes writing chord progressions effortless. Whether you're new to music theory or a seasoned pro, Obelisk is an incredibly useful MIDI tool that will not only prove invaluable in bringing depth and musicality to your tracks, but is sure to improve your understanding of harmony in the process. You can download FrozenPlain's Obelisk for free from your Novation account until the 6th August 2020 (16:00 GMT+1). The Novation Team
  8. If they didn't want a sales channel, they shouldn't have established one. And we weren't warned we would be treated as second-class purchasers by using their sales channel. I'm loathe to buy anything they produce, directly or indirectly, again.
  9. I was trying to do exactly that. Thanks. I've gone back and it has worked! Thomannmusic has upgrade from Assistant to Editor for $133. Much cheaper than the US providers. JRR is $177.11 in cart with FORUM.
  10. I bought the Portal bundle for less than $80 including VAT.
  11. Yes. Saw and downloaded that. Can't decide whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.
  12. musical

    Soundtoys Coupon

    The consensus is that the code only works if you signed up for the trial and received the code by email.
  13. Worth noting that I ended up with £1.90 in virtual cash after buying and rating the included products. So cost of crossgrade was reduced from £7.98 to about £6.
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