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  1. I'd be grateful if some of the regulars could take a look at my Final Countdown post in the Coffee House and perhaps offer some help? I've loved hanging out here. Thanks to you all.
  2. Guys, I've enjoyed many years on this forum. This is pretty poor but between Christmas and New Year, I was diagnosed with colon cancer which has spread to my liver, lungs, lymphs, etc. and it is palliative care only. I'm sad but I've had a good if short life. I will leave behind a wife and three children at school (11, 13, 15). I'd like to sell off some of my audio software before I go to leave them with a little more money. Would anybody be interested in helping me price it up or making an offer? I have so many other things to do in a short while that I could do with some help. Have loads of software, but obvious things to sell would be: Native Instruments Komplete 2, Komplete 11 Update and Komplete 12 Ultimate Upgrade (=Komplete 12 Ultimate) Izotope MPS 3 Presonus Studio One 5 Notion 6 U-he Diva XLN XO Toontrack EZBass Toontrack EZKeys Cinematic Grand, Classic Electrics, Dream Machine, Hybrid Harp, Mellotoon, String Machine, Upright Piano, Classic Soul EZKeys Midi, Disco EZKeys Midi, Funk EZKeys Midi, Hip-Hop EZKeys Midi, Jazz Ballards EZKeys Midi, Modern Pop EZKeys Midi, Urban Jazz EZKeys Midi. I have software from most of the other major vendors - Arturia, UVI, Waves, AAS, Air, Celemony, D16, Gospel Musicians, IK, PA, Sugarbytes, UJAM. I need to price things to sell reasonably quickly as I'm already on liquid morphine. Thanks a lot for the fun you've given me and for any help you can give! Terry
  3. Has anyone bought a $5 plugin with another and then received the email offer of another two?
  4. When I try to install the updates using Softube Central it fails. Anybody else having problems with it?
  5. musical

    Virtual CZ

    Especially with either Drumazon, Quadravox, Animate or Reason Lite Rack Plugin for free!
  6. Reid, Is $49 the usual upgrade price or is it discounted? Do they discount upgrades? i.e. will the price for the upgrade be cheaper on Black Friday - i.e. $49 less 30%?
  7. DB-33 and Vacuum Pro for £3.95 each are very good value. I'm waiting to see what the November freebie is.
  8. For those of us who bought these synths in Voltage Modular, we really, really shouldn't be made to pay twice for them, once in Voltage Modular and then as VSTs. I felt really warmly towards Cherry Audio until this happened. Not any longer. I bought the Year Two Collection. We should have been offered at least a 50 per cent discount on price of the VSTs to people who don't own them already. Also, bizarre marketing to see enhanced versions as VSTs outside Voltage Modular. Surely Cherry Audio's own environment should have superior versions? I'm not buying the same synths twice from the same vendor. And I'll think twice about buying synths in Voltage Modular at all if you're going to release enhanced versions as VSTs very shortly afterwards.
  9. Sign up to Loopcloud is here. Select Annual Studio Plan and enter code LC50USD. This is a good deal. Disable autorenewal if you want to avoid paying $119.99 next year. I've been waiting for a long time for the half price deal to be available again. You get the credits, the full Loopcloud app capabilities and 25 free sounds per day.
  10. You might need to email NI and explain. I imagine they will be fine.
  11. I got my free upgrade from Ultimate 12 to 13 by email this morning...
  12. I wrote: They replied: So, not very helpful at all.
  13. musical

    IK VI Group Buy

    Can I buy something I already own and register it to get into the group buy? i.e. can you have more than two IK licences of the same product on the same account?
  14. I was charged $34.33 to upgrade from Analog Lab 1. That's a discount of $64.67 from the usual price of $99 and 67% rather than 50%. So, worth checking if you have an old copy of Analog Lab that hasn't been upgraded.
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