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  1. After you register, you can download the software bundle that came with your interface and the current offer. Every time the offer changes, you'll have something else to download. You can only get the previous offers with a Tardis or sometimes they do a bundle of earlier offers as the offer.
  2. I'm certain everybody here has signed up immediately to this first class bargain.
  3. Bought. No self-control whatsoever. $7.20 with the 10% code in the pop-up.
  4. musical

    PA SPL Bundle Sub

    That Dirk from PA can even begin to believe that people are going to sign up to these individual brand subscriptions for more than fifty per cent of the subscription to the whole lot shows he really has lost the plot. Back in the real world, you can buy Saturator X for $26.99 and get another nine or ten plugins to own thrown in. Or, for a similar price, you can buy something like Scheps Omni channel and cover loads of needs in one go. I'd love to know how many people are signing up for deals like this SPL one for $10 per month. Very few, is my guess. Madness. If Dirk doesn't see sense soon, he's going to kill PA.
  5. Heads up that Arc system 2.5 is available on Amazon US for $99 ***WITH THE MICROPHONE!!!*** https://www.amazon.com/IK-Multimedia-correction-measurement-microphone/dp/B0741D3PD4 This gives a value of €199.99 in the group buy [corrected]. With shippping and duties to the UK, the cost is about $125, so much, much cheaper than the €201.29 the IK shop charges with shipping or the £173.53 on Amazon UK. Even better if you live in the US. I couldn't resist.
  6. Well, looking at the software I have received for zilch since owning a Focusrite interface... Addictive Keys Ujam Iron Ableton Live Lite Scarlett Plugin Suite Novation Bass Station Red Plugin Suite Softube Time and Tone (TSAR-1R Reverb, Tube Delay, Drawmer S73) Audiority Venomode DeeQ, Maximal 2 and Pivot Sonarworks for six months Mastering the Mix BIAS AMP 2 LE Exponential Audio R2 Reverb Flux Studio Session Analyzer D16 Syntorus BIAS FX LE 2 NUGEN Audio Stereoizer Elements vielklang LE Accusonus Regroover Essential AAS Session bundle AudioThing Valve Filter, Valve Exciter and SR-88 SoundRadix SurferEQ 2 Boogie D16 Sigmund Delay Eventide EQuivocate 2 x AAS Sound Packs I bought the 2i4 for £90 and sold it for £70. So, for two years of use and all this software, it cost me £20. And I will get still more software. Why the hate for Focusrite?
  7. If you leave the items in your basket you'll receive an email offering you 20 per cent discount. That is still valid.
  8. musical

    Waves $1 Sale

    $15 is the new $29.
  9. Does anybody know when this ends?
  10. Anybody in the States willing to buy the VI collection for me and send me the serials? Update: Sorted. Thanks, Larry.
  11. musical

    UVI Toy Suite

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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