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  1. Even my Roland JX-3P, which was pretty much the first midi synth alongside the Pro 600, could do velocity via Midi with an EPROM swap. I find the lack of velocity in 2019 unbelievable.
  2. Strum GS-2 +FUNKY CAT Upgrade for Session Series users is $49! That's for me!
  3. musical

    Soundspot Union

    We're in a brave new world of sub five quid synthesizers. I'm waiting for the one I get a code for in my Kellogg's Cornflakes. Or maybe Coco Pops for a fatter sound.
  4. I've been very lucky. A large proportion of my Waves plugins are due to lose their WUP in the first few days of November... I'd hate to be a Mac user and reliant on Waves plugins.
  5. This is an extremely useful review. I'm not sure I'd be as polite and reasonable as you if I had wasted $750 on this. Let us know whether they are honourable and give you a refund.
  6. Reviews at Sweetwater... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ModoBass--ik-multimedia-modo-bass/reviews
  7. You can download the demo first... Though, to be fair, there aren't many VSTis that make me think 'Wow!'
  8. Yes, was playing with the slides. The download for all these different basses was tiny in comparison with even one sampled bass. Even just Evolution Rick takes up nearly 5GB of my hard drive. And costs $99.
  9. Yes, last year it was pretty obvious that vendors went early with their sales to try to capture the available revenue early. Expect vendors to run sales prior to Black Friday and then repeat them if ended beforehand on Black Friday itself. That way they get two potential bites - those who went early and those who waited.
  10. I've just been playing with it and it is absolutely fantastic. As good as nearly everybody says and musically inspiring. For $70 with 30 jampoints it is a complete no-brainer.
  11. Just paid £71.90 using a fee-free credit card and 30 jam points with the wretched VAT (comes out as 83.99 euros). Good deal but will be annoyed if it goes cheaper on Black Friday.
  12. The joys of owning a Mac... they just work...
  13. What a bargain! Is it really three plugins for only $250? I'll be straight in there. Wow! Thanks, Larry. You're a deals genius.
  14. After you register, you can download the software bundle that came with your interface and the current offer. Every time the offer changes, you'll have something else to download. You can only get the previous offers with a Tardis or sometimes they do a bundle of earlier offers as the offer.
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