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  1. Hi guys, someone help me please...frequently I got an error of a strange midi device being disconnected... Cakewalk asks if I want to change the output to an available device...no matter if I answer yes or not, frequently I got this error message.... Thanks for your help
  2. Hi guys, I have an issue with publishing my Cakewalk Song in Bandlab: When I have a Cakewalk Project (2 tracks, less than 5 Minutes) and hit the export to Bandlab Button with keeping the tracks, Cakewalk exports and gives me the feedback that export in ongoing. But I never get a notivication that the project has been uploaded. I have the different tracks in my folder C:\Users\MSI\Documents\BandLab\Uploads, together with a *.blx document. But Bandlab will not load it up, what am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance...
  3. Hi Nigel, thanks for your fast reply. I started again from scratch, Midi Trck now uses the drum map and VOILA it works I think this was my mistake, miditack used the Drum SI without the map. Thank you very
  4. Hy Guys, I am quite new in Cakewalk and spent nearly two day get my old Yamaha dtxplorer working withit... But it doesn`t. Snare and Bassdrum are not mapped right, but I really don`t know how to do it. As e.g. my snare gives a G2, the SI Drum kit needs D3, I tried to remap, but no effect.... Somebody help me please, I am going insane, I only want to play the drums! Thanks for help
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