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  1. ohhhh!!! chris and scook, you were spot on. It was hiding underneath the piano-roll 😄 I did not notice that it was possible to "roll up" another pane with the velocity settings. Thx heaps to you. br
  2. Appreciate your answer reginaldStjohn, but while it does seem to help a bit, it does not go all the way unfortunately. I do get a floating toolbar (much like the one i got at the top with smart, select, move, edit, draw and erase) but neither of the options in the toolbar allows me to "draw" the velocity free-hand like i used to be able to do. I have tried to alter the drop down (Notes/Velocity) to only be "velocity" but that does not seem to result in anything (in my case).
  3. Hi, almost ashamed to ask, but during all of my years with previous incarnations of Sonar, i always had the velocity drawing tool available in the piano roll, but now after upgrading to Bandlab, it seems to be lost. How on earth can i get that drawing/line tool back that will let me "draw" my velocity on the tracks?
  4. Thx msmcleod, that option also seems to be a quite good one
  5. Hi, One thing keeps eluding me. If i want to have a track (audio, vocals) where the vocals themselves should be unaltered, but at the same time having a reverb on said track where the reverb itself is fed into a sidechain (for that sea-sick/wobbly feel), what would be the best way to achieve this using CbB? In my case i use the Lexicon Panteon (from my 8.5 days) + the "KickStart" VST. edit. found it. Cant remove this topic so here is (i believe) the answer to my own question: right-click on said audio track, insert "send" to a new bus. On this new bus, put the reverb and the kickstart on it and adjust the send level from the audio-track "send" part.
  6. Hi John, absolutely and that is the best way, no doubt. But sometimes at least i forget to turn one of them on 😗 and since it actually gives you that dialogue and the choice (which then chrashes) then maybe there is a bug or similar in CbB??
  7. Hi, As a quite old user of Sonar (since the 4.x days), now of course running the Bandlab version (latest), there are two things that still bugs me about it: USB chrashes and midi messages that freaks out some of my instruments: USB chrashes The DAW mostly always (90% of the times) chrashes hard when i have a project opened and then fire up on of my USB connected instruments (such as the Yamaha moxf6, the Waldorf Blofeld or one Roland Boutique). It will find that a new device exists and asks me if i want to stop the transport or not (and no matter if i so yes or no, it chrashes). I then get the dialogue that asks if i would like to send an error report (and i have - numerous times). I am not quite convinced that it has to do with either of these manufacturers USB drivers since it happens regardless of what instrument i power on (should i forget to do it before starting Bandlab). Freakish midi messages This one seems to only affect some of my older gear such and it always seems to happen if i have them started (and midi connected of course) BEFORE starting Bandlab. The Behaviour is different: Roland jx8p, juno-2, jx3p: No longer possible to swith patches. The default patch when powering on sounds as normal (and it is possible to play it from another keyboard) but it is not possible to swich patches Novation SuperNova mkII: The volume of the entire unit gets a 150% boost, effectively overdriving the outputs of the unit. Powering off and then back on returns it to normal operation again. I guess this one might happen due to some (??) running-status midi messages or similar (idk). Does this behaviour sound familiar to anyone? Running Windows 7x64, 16GB ram, 4970k cpu.
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