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  1. I will let you know nearer the time. Just be ready, okay.
  2. Oh dear... My fault that. I have the link in my browser bookmark but haven't visited for ages. What have I missed, apart from the rust?
  3. Sorry, Ed, it was only open to people with the first name of "Craig" and only for a very, very short window. You will have to wait for a similar "Ed" based deal.
  4. LOL! Well, if you had accepted to receive updates then you would have been told. Now that I know that you haven't signed up for e-mails I'll pester you each time 😛 And bloody hell Craig! A fiver for the free one as well?! That was supposed to be a thanks to my millions of fans I dunno! Well, let me know how you get on with the latest. I wasn't sure about the twenty minutes per track thing. It took me a load more time to record, mix and then master twenty minute tracks. I think I'll be sticking to the "radio friendly" ten minute long tracks in future...
  5. Interesting, @Starise I guess that because I rarely use a microphone that the mic pre's are not so important to me. But for most I would imagine that it is most important to get that part right, or at least use an external preamp to then go into a sound device via SPDIF. I have an Roland MMP-2 but I have no idea of its reputation. An old unit and Roland again so I'm guessing not that great.
  6. Are the new Roland offerings not that good? Preamp wise?
  7. Neutrino. Four copies sold already... Now 5. Amazing.
  8. Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my attempts at some graphic art @Notes_Norton I think I'm with you there, but the circular one is kind of based around the idea of a synchrotron, which is also circular and I have been using a version of the circular logo for twenty years now. I used to use this one:- But it is so old now, and, in its animated form, too large for most forums to use as an avatar. If you look closely there is a red and yellow sphere spinning in opposite directions inside the text. The straight version was created specifically for my Bandcamp page as the circular one would have been much smaller in the rectangular space provided. cheers andy
  9. Okay, just one more... I have updated my circular logo so that it is similar to the straight one. So the font has a small outline and the colour is the same. I'm not sure, though, I think I liked the green and yellow more...
  10. A random thought, if you like. I've been faffing around making a new banner for my project. It is based on my circular design and is straight text for long rectangular banners for Bandcamp, for instance:- Better than a kick up the asre with a rusty steel toe cap. I think.
  11. Yeah, not his best. As a musician he's supposed to be pretty damn good at what he does. I only know of his modular stuff. He typically does three hour streams and has quite a following.
  12. Mad that The patch cables were BNC I think. I've been watching some of this guy's live streams lately:-
  13. Highlight of that vid is the Macbeth stuff at the end. Fcukin Oarsome.
  14. I think you mean Tigger. T I Double G RRR
  15. Maybe, but he's a fan of Iain M Banks so that makes things okay.
  16. https://www.spitfireaudio.com/labs/
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