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  1. Nothing. That's it. I'm not a "performer." I simply ain't good enough. Merchandise? What, you mean like cups with my logo on? T-shirts? CBA. Despite that negativity I have now earned £400 more than I ever thought I would from my hobby when I started back in 1979. I certainly wouldn't earn that on spotify. I am a happy bunny.
  2. I hope so, Craig I managed to fix the guitar timing issues much quicker than the bass guitar. I think that is due, in part, to the bass part having more transients than strummed guitar parts. Makes sense. So I've sent the project, as it stands, off to my lad and he is hopefully going to come up with some new drum parts. In the meantime I suppose I should have a go at some guitar melody stuff, and probably some choir samples... Maybe...
  3. not sure about that, I think it was the rigger's fault mesel
  4. My aim is to just get my stuff out there. SoundCloud and Bandcamp is the means... Bandcamp allows you to sell your stuff if you wish.
  5. Thank you very much for your input here @Christian Jones I got three takes done for the bass last night so I've been busy doing that and trying to get it tight to the MIDI drums, which are quantised. So some of the things you mention like "tedious" is really resonating with me right now haha! And that was only with three takes. No wonder pop songs are only three and a half minutes long! Fortunately I think I was able to get one half decent (for me) bass line out of the three takes. I'm not familiar with "comp'ing," the way it is supposed to be done, so I did it the way which suited me. All three takes were on one track. I exploded those takes onto separate tracks and then deleted the original takes from the first track. So now I have one empty track, for the selected clips, and a track for each take. I then listened to each track on its own making notes of where duff or missed notes or anything I didn't like. REAPER now has Take/Item Markers which happens to be great for this purpose. I'm no longer up to speed with CbB so not sure if you can do the same thing. Once that was done I could see all those marks which helped me to decide which parts to use. I split each item, usually on the start of a bar so that I was moving large chunks of clips up to the main bass track. Once that was done I then had to fix all the timing issues. For this task I manually placed stretch markers and dragged them, with snap on, to the beat. I have snap set to 1/8th notes. That must have taken me well over four hours, from recording the takes to finishing the timing problems. So, yeah, tedious... On to the guitar parts next... I'll probably be back here some time tomorrow cheers andy
  6. Yeah, I don't even consider streaming services. Perhaps I'm cutting my nose off to spite my face but I just don't go there on principle. It's okay for artists who are somehow getting traction in the industry. My music is far too "niche" (AKA crap) anyway. I also never listen to any music on spotify and the like. Bandcamp all the way for me. That way, Craig B can fund my GAS habits
  7. Hiya @chuckebaby Is that ISA One preamp better than the preamps that come with the Roland OCTA-CAPTURE? And what about the Roland MMP-2? I have an MMP-2 so I'm wondering if I should be using that instead of using the OCTA-CAPTURE preamp. I just don't know enough about stuff like preamps, other than most audio devices come with a couple built in, usually. Yeah, that's a problem... Been playing on and off for over forty years. I'm obviously better, technically, than I was when I started but still far short of were I would like to be. I'm not a pure guitarist so I may not pick it up for months at a time. I realise that even if I'm not incorporating it into current projects I should still pick it up for an hour or so every couple of days. At least that way my finger tips do go all soft on me... cheers andy
  8. Hiya Bill, I missed your post... Apologies for that. I get what you are saying, though, because I want to hear my guitar WITH the effects I need to play through my DAW anyway. I also create in front of my DAW, sad though it is to say. I've not always done that because we've not always had a DAW, but once you get used to being able to record parts and quickly copy or move them around your kinda hooked. I've never been one for writing stuff down either. So what I do is play over and over and over, that practice you are talking about, and at some point I think, "that's enough," and I hit record. Sometimes I nail it, but most often tweaking is required. I just ain't that good, so practising and practising can become very tedious. But not as tedious as learning guitar from scratch, of course. Timing is a funny, at least to my mind, because you'd think that at sixty I'd have certainly developed that particular skill, either on guitar or keyboard, or tapping a cardboard box even. I'm wondering if it is somehow related to a nervous issue...
  9. Thanks for confirming that, John, and yes, punishment is due I guess I can do that by having the recording on one track and then two additional tracks with the amp sims on. The recorded track can have its route to the master buss turned off. I can then create a send each to each of the amp sim busses. I think I'd rather do it that way instead of within Guitar Rig. I used to have TH2 but I think I may have lost my license to that because I had to ditch an e-mail address which was linked to it because it was compromised. But I'm thinking I could use FabFilter Saturn instead. More food for thought, so, thanks
  10. Thanks for confirming. I know enough about chord structures, including the Power Chord. If fact five of my six strings are tuned to root and fifth, Devin Townsend style (it was him I got the idea from). Yeah, that's me. I'd love to be able to, and I have done in the past, but not any more. I need to get my head around REAPER's take system... thanks again, Craig
  11. Well said, @Starise Okay, I should expand on that a bit... Having read the frankjcc post above I had a look at some hardware compressors, EQ's and stuff. Way out of my budget as well as expertise. With regards to the original post I would side with FabFilter simply because of the interface, ease of use and the excellent Dan Worrall videos.
  12. Yes, indeed it is Mark Yep, that is my opinion too. I pretty much always stretch everything around once recorded. cheers, and thanks, andy
  13. Hiya Craig What is a "mic-pre?" Joking, I have one, two, in fact if you include the pre's which come with my audio device. Both are Roland, so not entirely sure if they class as "decent." Not sure what you mean. Are we talking Music Theory here? Sounds like a plan... Yes, that is a possibility. My youngest lad's mate is also a Stunt Guitarist. I'm gonna see how it goes... may be that I don't need one if I go down the Simple Is Better route. I understand the principles of that but, as I mentioned above, mic'ing isn't really an option due to noise. So it's DI all the way for me and faff "in the box." Food for thought... I could send a pre-effects signal to another buss for different processing. EXACTLY! If I upload anything I'll send you a PM
  14. I have already tried to get Tim interested in Adaptiverb but I don't think he was impressed That was some time ago, though...
  15. I am my own worse critic, for sure @Tezza, but for good reason haha If you happen to hear any of my guitar stuff and think it sounds okay then I should tell you that I have to put a lot of work into post production to get it to sound worthy of release
  16. I watched the overview. So much to like. but no no no FFS NO!!! I need to get a job first
  17. Yeah, but, I ain't got your charisma or same circle of friends, and you are the Bapu after all. Plus I have let too many people down on the collaboration front in the past so I tend not to go down that route any more. While you're here... Aren't Bass Guitars heavy? And loooong... I'm gonna have to work out
  18. Hi @John Bradley Thanks for the tips. I'm a REAPER user (shock horror). I was a fully paid up member of SONAR until, well, you know... So I'm not so sure about AudioSnap. What I do instead is add transient markers manually and drag errant notes back into line, if the need is there. Sometimes I don't bother if I think I'm close enough. A time consuming task, I know, but I have the time at the moment. When you say, "dual-amp virtual rig," what do you mean exactly? Literally two amps within something like Guitar Rig? Or two different instances of virtual amps? I'm not very good with tone... I generally accept what ever comes out of the box. I usually use a EQ plugin at both sides of Guitar Rig even though Guitar Rig has it's own EQ tools. I prefer to use Pro-Q3 so that I can "see" what is going on. My ears are well f*!£%"^!! Interesting trick with the bass guitar. I wouldn't have thought of that one. As it happens, I do have one and I'm trying to write a bass part today. So I may give that a try. cheers, and thanks andy
  19. OMG mate! You've mentioned the melodyne word again! But, seriously, thanks for you're input. And as you have responded to this topic you have now been noted as a crap guitarist I have done what you suggested a few times and it does work, except it kinda detracts from "playing in the moment" if you know what I mean. But, at the end of the day, I may have to bite the bullet and do exactly that. Thanks, Mark cheers andy
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