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  1. you have to remember that hundreds of people perished in that blast
  2. have been jamming with some individuals on t'interweb... I let the side down with my crap playing but it was fun... just thought I'd share a random thought...
  3. well they sure have come in handy (just trying some out for myself)
  4. that was an awful lot of carriage returns...
  5. Yep, fingers crossed all will be okay Bob.
  6. I bagged Pigments last night for 50% off but on the Arturia website not at plugin boutique.
  7. Mmmmmmmmmmm Wait.... there's a lady in a bikini in there
  8. A belated Happy Birthday Ken I hope your day was okay cheers andy
  9. Hmmm... Strange... On the main BBC SO page, Core is currently £299 But if I browse to the BBC SO Core page the price is £262 thinking........
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53539989
  11. same here Sorry @cclarry! I thought I'd look at the other post and it's already half way down page two!
  12. I have both, of course... chalk and cheese... I also have Black hole too. And this morning I bagged the free Supermassive. All have their party trick in my opinion.
  13. Saw their post on Twitter @Fleer I think you may need to have a look at this one... I've bagged it, anyway, though other artists are going to suffer as a result because I've had to use my PayPal balance from my own Bandcamp sales...
  14. I only come here to spread the word of my awesome sonic creations.
  15. the irony here is we both think paid streaming services are crap and as I said in my first post I don't use them I think I'll leave it there have a nice day
  16. total bollocks unless, of course, you are coming from a quantum physics angle
  17. my zero point zero two is, wot he says ^ ^ ^ or play some ambient stuff loads of echo and reverb or punk rock... it's much the same, in a way...
  18. oh, my name is andy, lowercase "a" pleased to meet you
  19. what do you class as a "streaming service?" nice really? I don't think I'd have ever done that a couple... a dozen, perhaps must have cost a fortune to rip and then distribute all those CDs obviously personally I have been doing this for a long, long while I've tried giving my stuff away on Bandcamp but many want to give me money instead for me, personally, Bandcamp was an experiment up until setting up there everything I ever created was uploaded to SoundCloud and set to free download after a while I noticed that I was getting a lot of my stuff downloaded... not like hundreds or thousands but a lot more than I expected so Bandcamp was set up to see if people were happy to pay for downloading my stuff prestige? nah, definitely not, not me as this is a lengthy post especially for me, what do you think my motives are? making a ton of money off my art would be great, but it certainly isn't my motive I think it is something I simply must do I've done other things through my life... fishing... photography... motorcycling... barefoot waterskiing... had a load of doggies... but I always end up back in my little studio, making sound stuff absolutely but it is a nice feeling when you know that someone is listening, and, probably enjoying that experience, right? prior to 2000 I would sometimes hand over a tape to a friend or work colleague that didn't go well... I do not create anything for "the masses" and I gave up on friends and family a long time ago, except for my poor sons that sometimes have to endure listening to something every now and then, and my poor, poor wife who lives in the same house as me. never stopped me doing stuff, though And as you can see, @Philip G Hunt, from Glyn's quote above, he appears to have decided on a route that quite a few of us take, upload to Bandcamp, see how that goes... charge for it or not, it doesn't matter. right... been at this too long now so I'm going to hit the Submit Reply button... my new drone is begging for my attention...
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