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  1. Anyone mentioned Les Dawson yet? Going back a bit... And was he "stand up?" I think he was but I'd be too young to remember that...
  2. Thanks, Ed, message sent 🤘
  3. Awe, bless 😘 Happy New Year Mr Wibbles 😄 I'm missing you too... I should really get myself sorted...
  4. Hiya Bjorn, I look forward to hearing you do some spacey stuff, and when you do, join up there and post a link. I am not going to be active in the songs forum here as, at this moment in time, I am not using any Bandlab software. cheers, andy 🙂
  5. I can't log in there anymore... Forgot my password but the e-mail address I used to register there, one I had for over fifteen years, was compromised and so I can't reset... I suppose I could pester Ed or Bob but I feel like I'm being a bit of a PITA... Place I hang out the most nowadays is https://www.ambientonline.org/ but I can't see anyone here being interested in that, you mostly being rock/pop/country peeps.
  6. Billy Connolly I'll get me coat...
  7. No. One hole = one input or output. Except for the SPDIF which is a coaxial stereo connection. I've come to the conclusion that the manual is wrong...
  8. Well, it arrived... A lot of time spent head scratching but I think they are working together now. I connect my Roland MMP-2 to my O-C to give me two more analogue inputs but it gave me a bit of a problem. With just the one O-C I could connect it with the O-C turned on but now when I do that it screws everything up, so I have to remember to turn the MMP-2 on first and then turn on the O-C's. Still having to compromise my inputs it seems... I thought 18 inputs would have been okay but I was wrong. Funny thing is the manual says that when you have two O-C's connected you get a total of 24 inputs and 20 outputs but I cannot see those as physical connections on the units so I am going to have to contact someone at Roland. cheers andy
  9. Thanks for that I am waiting patiently for my package to arrive... Due in the next couple of hours. In the meantime I've been digging through my extensive supply of cables and seeing what I can do to improve and set up my studio. Kind of exciting! 😀
  10. I use Bandcamp for my finished albums and SoundCloud for individual tracks.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply Todd. As I use a Surface Pro laptop I am not even sure I would be able to update the graphics driver. Also, as Presonus totally ignored my plight I have decided that I won't be bothering with Studio One again, even if they fixed the issue. Great software, crap support, IMO. cheers, and thanks again, andy
  12. Something that I used to foist upon the old Cakewalk Songs forum... Don't worry, I won't be doing that here as I don't use CbB
  13. Have a go at creating some mind numbing ambient drone stuff... Worked for me 😀
  14. same here... So glad to be in good company 😎
  15. Looks like I'll be the trail blazer on this then... I guessed it would be a bit of a long shot. I'll let you know how I get on (unit ordered and delivery expected tomorrow...) cheers andy
  16. Ah, sorry, but I didn't bother with screenshots of Absynth at the time and I have now uninstalled Studio One from my Surface Pro. I did, however, take a screenshot of Sandman Pro which is a VST delay effect. This one was totally bizarre in that although you could seemingly change the size of the GUI, the widgets were all out of scale, meaning that if you tried to adjust something with your mouse the widget that you tried to click on wasn't actually where the graphic was saying it was. Totally unusable. I posted on the PreSonus forum about this issue and got absolutely no feedback whatsoever, another nail in the SO3 coffin as far as I was concerned. I also messaged Plugin Alliance and got zero response from them too. Here's a link to the PreSonus post:- https://forums.presonus.com/viewtopic.php?f=151&t=31859&p=183633&sid=9a1fee1035cfab3ad16e73b8e1a60f16#p183633 And here's a larger picture of the screenshot:- In the image, where there appears to be a popup help box, that is where my mouse if hovering. It's the "Width" control which is in the bottom right hand side of the GUI and visible in the middle of the picture. Totally useless...
  17. Hiya Peeps, No hardware sub-forum yet so I thought I'd ask here. I want to increase my number of inputs. I could get a new fit for purpose interface but I know that you can link two OCTA-CAPTURE interfaces. I am pretty happy with my OCTA-CAPTURE so I can't see the point in going down a new interface. Unless, of course, linking is a PITA, in which case I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, while I am here, I know I could have asked on other forums but over the years I have found the Cakewalk community the most helpful and best to get on with. cheers andy
  18. FWIW I am now using REAPER. I had bought into Studio One when they offered the crossgrade deal and I really got into it. Quite easy to pick up and I really liked the GUI. However, I have since bought a nifty little Microsoft Surface Pro and Studio One doesn't handle the high resolution graphics well at all. I mean, the main DAW is fine but some of the VST like Absynth looks awful. I posted about this on the PreSonus forum and got no help whatsoever. I almost installed and tried CbB on the Surface but didn't bother. I felt that REAPER was doing such a good job with things graphics related and also with CPU usage that I stuck with it. Apologies to Bandlab I guess for not giving CbB a go but I guess that my reticence is also down to still feeling a bit sore about the demise of SONAR.
  19. I would say "yes," personally. I was also hoping to see a section for hardware too. But at this moment in time all the forums appear to be all about software. cheers andy
  20. Yes, indeed, a happy new year to everyone 😊 My first post on the new forum...
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