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  1. @craigb

    okay dood,

    here's the latest "concept"


    I am now going through the process of trying to create some kind of backstory which will be some kind of sci-fi thing

    five tracks totalling  65 minutes which are all on SC as private tracks so that I can listen and self crit over then next week or so

    I'm hoping for an early September release

  2. As I listen to the 65 minutes of stuff I currently have on SoundCloud (as private tracks I hasten to add) I realise that I have it easy.

    I have embraced LUFS over the last two years and, thinking about it, it really does suit the kind of material I create. And that is why I am saying, "I have it easy."

    A very high proportion of my work is neither compressed or limited. Well, not entirely true, because I have recently been getting to grips with Pro-Q3's "dynamic EQ" tool. I like that, because it is a lot easier to use than compression where you have to understand all the various settings. With Pro-Q3's dynamic EQ, you just apply it... Nothing to learn other than understanding how it alters sounds. And I only really use it with individual notes that sometimes run riot at certain points, so, quite a narrow Q setting.

    And my number?


    I tried -18 for a time, which gives you more dynamic range, but I felt that it was a bit too "quiet" even for my stuff.

    Every now and then I create something with percussion and I ramp it up to -14.


    Having said all that, I agree with that Scheps character in that  we should mix to suit the material and not some arbitrary level set by others. Sure, there are times when a common level across various genres, or stuff that gets listened to together, is a big plus. You don't want to be reaching for the volume control because your playlist contains some tracks that were mixed and mastered back in the early seventies and some that were done in the late nineties.


    okay... carry on...

  3. Sorry to hear that Ken

    We have had five dogs over the years and I therefore know that to most of us our pets are more than just a pet. They are a much loved member of the family.

    All the best,


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