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  1. It does look impressive and I like the sound of "inserts." Not impressed by USB-C though. I have an Arturia Beatstep Pro and a Keystep, both with USB-C connections and, although mine are okay and probably safe in a home studio situation, they are prone to failure.
  2. Thanks @Toddskins I remember that now... Been a while. Been having a play. It expands the selected track while minimising others. Not quite what I was after, but thanks anyway cheers andy
  3. Hi John, Yes, so I believe, as this has been mentioned elsewhere. I understand that. Regardless of all that, though, let me ask this, If a product is free, but not fit for purpose, then it doesn't really matter whether it is free or not. I raised the original post here before having really unboxed Cakewalk, so it was, I suppose, me being a bit lazy by asking, in the general forum, if all was well. I could have kept my gob shut, but I like to talk, and I also felt it would be an opportunity to re-connect with peeps from the old forum, on which I was very active, especially in the Songs forum. Since posting I have had a chance to play and I like what I see so far. Would I change anything? Not really. There is a keyboard shortcut request I am considering asking for and there are a few things more I would like the scroll wheel to do, depending on focus, but that is about it. I feel that I am picking up where I left off when I jumped ship. So, is Cakewalk "fit for purpose?" Yeah, sure. Would I recommend it to anyone else? I already have. cheers andy
  4. Do you think it is worth raising? Not sure if I'll bother with screensets, but thanks for mentioning it. Screensets is something that never really gelled with me and I even unbound all the keyboard shortcuts back in SONAR because I was hitting wrong keys with my big fat fingers and causing a visual nightmare haha! cheers andy
  5. So, going back to my original post, I also asked the question, "Is it just while it is in 'development'" Let's go back to that for a moment. I didn't hang around when Gibson dumped SONAR. My decision, and one that surprised me really, as I am very much loyal to "brands" (tools) that I like and I really did like SONAR. Having jumped ship I lost interest and didn't open SONAR again until a couple of weeks ago. When I opened SONAR a message popped up saying something like "can't access the server to check license." Well, near enough, can't remember exactly. So I thought, "okay, let's give CbB a try." I've not sat at the software, comparing CbB to SONAR in great detail. I basically jumped around, re-learning stuff as I needed to. So, for all I know CbB could be identical SONAR, but I wouldn't really know for sure. Looks similar... Seems to behave the same... I quickly got back reasonably up to speed, which was helped in part because CbB used my old SONAR preferences, which despite not using, I didn't uninstall. I believe, from reading various posts, that BandLab took the code and run with it almost "as-is," but did they? I think there were some issues early doors but I didn't really follow developments. New versions have been rolled out... So that, in itself, indicates that CbB must be a little bit different to SONAR, even if it's just "under the hood." This is why I was posing my questions here. Perhaps I should have made this clearer up front, but the whole topic took on a life of its own. So, been sat at Cakewalk (I'm not going to use the by BandLab suffix any more) for a week now. I have issues, but mainly with my setup and nothing I can really put back on Cakewalk. I still need to do some loading tests, just using soft synths and effects, because if I can be happy with the amount of stuff I can load a project up with then I will then try it out on my Surface Pro laptop, which is currently running REAPER, and quite well I hasten to add. Okay, that's me for a bit... On to page eleven
  6. Yes, indeed. As the saying goes, "time is a healer," but it can take a very long time. The time will come when the tears stop and the fond memories remain... Until then, hang on in there.
  7. I've googled "bridged PCI slot" and I am none the wiser
  8. I copied the embed code and Googled it, got the vid link and posted it here. Ain't nature wonderful?! Natural fractals in action
  9. You just need the video link, not the embed link
  10. Dead simples here Ed, just copy the video link and paste it in your post. The video automatically embeds
  11. Okay, well I will only post a new one every new page
  12. No, no, flowers are good I can't grow 'em though, most stuff I touch in the garden turns brown and crispy So, yeah, talk about flowers
  13. I'll just keep posting my videos until posting stops haha!
  14. Ooops! My bad... REAPER installed on my Surface Pro... but it could be Cakewalk...
  15. Watch the video and chill out in my garden. Turn the sound down if you don't like it
  16. I have just thought of the perfect way to draw this topic to a close before it gets to page nine:-
  17. Noel has kindly chipped in here. Perhaps you missed that John. Reason for moving to the other place is because this post has run its course.
  18. I've just had a hot chocolate made in our Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser...
  19. Perhaps this topic should move to the Coffee House now...
  20. I hope you didn't have to read all eight pages @Johnbee58
  21. Thanks, @abacab, I spotted the country selector top right 👍
  22. Well, some keep mentioning Version 5 over at the REAPER forum so I just assumed that's what it was referring to
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