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  1. I've googled "bridged PCI slot" and I am none the wiser
  2. I copied the embed code and Googled it, got the vid link and posted it here. Ain't nature wonderful?! Natural fractals in action
  3. You just need the video link, not the embed link
  4. Dead simples here Ed, just copy the video link and paste it in your post. The video automatically embeds
  5. Okay, well I will only post a new one every new page
  6. No, no, flowers are good I can't grow 'em though, most stuff I touch in the garden turns brown and crispy So, yeah, talk about flowers
  7. I'll just keep posting my videos until posting stops haha!
  8. Ooops! My bad... REAPER installed on my Surface Pro... but it could be Cakewalk...
  9. Watch the video and chill out in my garden. Turn the sound down if you don't like it
  10. I have just thought of the perfect way to draw this topic to a close before it gets to page nine:-
  11. Noel has kindly chipped in here. Perhaps you missed that John. Reason for moving to the other place is because this post has run its course.
  12. I've just had a hot chocolate made in our Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser...
  13. Perhaps this topic should move to the Coffee House now...
  14. I hope you didn't have to read all eight pages @Johnbee58
  15. Thanks, @abacab, I spotted the country selector top right 👍
  16. Well, some keep mentioning Version 5 over at the REAPER forum so I just assumed that's what it was referring to
  17. Interesting, thanks. About the same over here in pounds sterling but already built. I'm up for building, as I used to do that way back when... A lot easier now haha! Jim's got me thinking about the i9 now... an extra £125...
  18. Ouch! If you're ever over in the north west of England I'll treat you to a pie and a pint
  19. Well, might even go for a 750W then as at some point I may decide to install a half decent GPU. Looking (drooling) at a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX Fanless 4GB GDDR5, you know, just in case I get bored of doing music stuff
  20. Thanks again, @abacab, I'll mention that when I call them.
  21. I did look at the i9, briefly, and it jumps quite a bit outside my budget, unfortunately. Then again, this will probably be the last PC ever buy, ever. So getting the i9 would kinda future proof the build... Oohh... Decisions, decisions! I notice some of the boards come "RGB" ready. I mean, WTF! I have enough coloured lights in my studio haha! I'm thinking of "switching up" to the Z390 cheers, and thanks andy
  22. Thanks @abacab I'll have a look at that part picker site. Been having a gander at @Jim Roseberry's site, very informative. I'd get one of those but I'm not sure it would be cost effective, although I haven't gone as far as checking shipping costs to the UK. But, yeah, good for ideas PC Specialist are also supposed to check component compatibility. For instance, for the spec above they informed me that I do not need a 650W power supply and that a 550W would be still be more than enough. I'm going to phone them as well, though, to make sure there are no "trip ups" in there... cheers andy
  23. Thanks for that @Amicus717 The gigabyte one I am looking at only has two "internal" USB 2 ports, which is a bit of a pain, so may yet opt for the ASUS, as above. I also need to make sure that the USB 2 ports are on the same controller, as per the Roland OCTA-CAPTURE manual, as I am linking a pair of them. More research required. Not ordered yet... cheers andy
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