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  1. Ah, okay, you know more than me Mr Grem When I was spec'ing up my new workstation there was an option for Optane Memory but there was a note against it "use with mechanical HDD." Hence my misunderstanding above. Watching the LTT video...
  2. Ooookkayyy... Well, let's talk about that... During the day, at night, or, quite literally, "every time?"
  3. The guy is a star I thought that the Optane stuff was for conventional HDD's I could be wrong...
  4. Perhaps we should start a Self Help Group, Grem You first...
  5. I guess so, although it's been a while since I have played with Cakewalk. And by "a while," I mean four or five days. My brain ain't what it used to be and I often forget what I was doing yesterday. So I can't truly judge Cakewalk without going back over what I was doing. May have been something I was doing wrong. I had already misunderstood how to correctly set up External Insert, which was causing me some strange latency issues. Trouble is, I was on a roll with REAPER before trying Cakewalk and so it is kind of easier, and very lazy of me to fall back on that again. I was pointed to Inta Audio last week by a well respected member of these forums, with respect to building a new workstation, so I would say that they are all above board. I see they are offering Studio One Pro 4 for £299 compared to PreSonus £344, so, yeah, good deal that. Strange thing is, it seems to be linked to a "Black Friday" deal so may be that when you try to check out it will revert to the previous price... Let me know how you get on, and good luck cheers andy
  6. That is very good Craig. I am most impressed.
  7. Good question, but I think I would be reluctant to let go of it. I'm currently leaning more towards REAPER right now... I'm sure it was just me but I, too, have problems trying to get my hardware and software working together using Cakewalk. There is only so much time you can spend on that process... cheers andy
  8. I actually prefer some of the "enhancements" of this place...
  9. And what about abandoned underwear?
  10. I sometimes have that abandoned feeling. So I come here for some reassurance.
  11. There is a "share" icon top right. Use that to refer to other posts in different topics.
  12. This is how I create so called "loops." Never did like matrix. Not that it's a bad thing, I am just inherently lazy and I've been using the drag and drop copying method for quite a while before matrix view was implemented.
  13. My i9 has been ordered... Spec here:- Can't wait
  14. Hi Craig, I would think that you could get away with it. Back when I had an all MIDI setup, around 2000's, I used SYSEX messages to a couple of keyboards in order to turn things like "Local" to "off" and other general setup options. I doubt you will be doing the same with your stuff. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am guessing that you will select any presets on your gear before hand and then use the Beatstep just for sequencer duties. You could still connect your gear to your DAW via MIDI and sent patch/bank changes via track properties, which can be edited via "Inspector" view, which both Cakewalk and Studio One have. Yes, it is a good DAW and I have been using it, in one form or another for many years. I am having a bit of trouble with it at the moment but some of that could be down to me, so I am jumping between Cakewalk and REAPER at the moment. Still not fully made my own mind up. Not a problem. No one else has jumped in here more than likely because they do not have a Beatstep Pro. This is, and always has been a very helpful community. Any other problems, just give us a shout, either in here or in a new topic. And let me know how you get on. I should be hanging around these parts a while longer cheers andy
  15. Good idea that Craig. Except, it's only stuff that goes into the User folder that will be different, isn't it? Way back when I made my XP desktop dual boot, one for music, the other boot for everything else. But I think that has its own obvious problems and I don't think I can be bothered.
  16. Indeed! Yep, you will be bored to heck by the time I've posted all them pics
  17. I haven't done any "paid work" since September 2018
  18. Hi Craig, I suppose it will only really affect you if you want to delve a bit deeper into what MIDI information is going out to your gear. If you are mainly using your BSP to play your hardware then you will be okay. I already have Studio One and I have had to ditch it because one of my hardware synths, for some reason unknown to me, only change patches/banks via a combination of CC and SYSEX messages and I have to enter those as events in the Event List view. I only use my BSP as the slave in my setup, so I don't really need to use the buttons on the BSP. I press play in my DAW and the BSP also starts playing. I also do not use any MIDI out from my BSP as I only use it to sequence my modular system using CV/Gate connections. And I do not connect my BSP to my computer via the USB C connection and prefer to use the MIDI input in order to synchronise it to my DAW. I did try using the USB C connection but a strange high pitch whine, not that loud, but enough to be an issue, came from my system, so I ditched that idea and went back to the BSP MIDI input. cheers andy
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