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  1. Already doing that Craig Who? Me? I'll let you know. I will be starting afresh rather than doing a mirror, so, although it will take a lot longer to get back up to speed, I will surely save some space. I doubt if I will get down to 100GB though. I've just had a shufty at how much space I could free up with a Disk Clean-up and it comes to less than 230MB. I won't be reinstalling all of my DAW software, including leaving out some VST stuff. So might make a bit of a saving there. But if I go through my current OS, here's what I find:- Autodesk = 11.4GB Cakewalk Content = 200MB Cakewalk Projects = 4.8MB Crash = 0 Intel = 1.7MB KORG = 0 Maps = 39.2GB Multisamples = 1.92GB NVIDIA = 2.4GB Perflogs = 0 Program Files = 26.8GB Program Files (x86) = 190GB ProgramData = 12.9GB temp = 1.65MB Users = 6.13GB Windows = 43.4GB Well... That was a bit of a shock haha! 🤪 Program Files (x86) = 190GB I had a look in there and found my "Steam" folder which takes up 143GB. Delved a bit deeper and I have the following games installed in that folder, DOOM (67GB), R3E (26GB), Assetto Corsa (32GB) and a couple more which are relatively small. I suppose I could have a look into whether Steam allows the user to specify a different drive/folder for those installs. If not, then I need to make allowance for them even though I may not want to play them straight away (or at all) Maps can probably go as well... I like the software but find I hardly use it any more. I'll still have it on the laptop anyway. The Autodesk stuff may come back, but not initially. Depends on if I get any work to do at home... So, yeah, I reckon you are right and that initially the OS should only take up 100GB. And when I got this laptop I had a 128GB OS drive and a 256GB data drive. Then over time I upgraded as I saw fit and didn't really give much thought to the space being taken up. As I said above, my new desktop will be used for everything so I want a bit of room to stretch into as I re-install more stuff. So I'll still with the 500GB OS I think... Cheers, and thanks for making me have a look at WTF I have on my OS drive andy
  2. Not heard of that one... Some stunning imagery on their website 👍
  3. Me too! I love seeing what accidents I can make with Chaotica (flame fractal software) So those images are all done within Photoshop, Bill? Looking good
  4. Hi @panup I am reading your post with interest as I am currently looking into getting myself a new workstation for my DAW, amongst other things. I'm shooting for an i9 although my eldest son thinks I'm a bit mad splashing out on an i9 when the latest i7's are not far behind. But I fancy diving in at a slightly higher spec and the fact that you get eight physical cores. I am also looking at a Z390 motherboard. Graphic card will probably be a GTX1050. I have found a so called "0dB" model although that remains to be seen. And to try and keep the noise level to a minimum I am looking at a Noctua cooler and some quiet 140mm case fans. Again, it remains to be seen (or heard) how quite everything turns out. I will also be interested in hearing panup's noise abatement solution
  5. Hi Tom, Yes, most solid state drives give a guarantee up to a certain of read/write operations. But that is just the guarantee and it doesn't mean that the drive will stop working once that number is reached. For this reason I back up my data drive regularly. But you do have me thinking... I have a number of 3.5" HDD's knocking around, of various sizes. I suppose that if I thought I could free up some space on my SSD data drive I could consider dusting off some of the larger HDD's just for music projects. I do not run a professional studio. And I do not have a number of workstations, one that I use for "office stuff," one for "gaming" and one for "music." Everything goes onto the same workstation. All my CD collection. Photographs, and I sometimes work on those, so it is nice from them to preview, open and save quickly. Gaming data. My music projects. Office related stuff. It's all on there. For the last five years my laptop (specification currently in my signature) has done me for all of the above but I think that it is getting a bit tired, hence my recent delving into a new desktop workstation. Thank you very much Stay tuned to find out how it goes cheers andy
  6. Indeed, Craig. As I said just above, 250GB was always going to be too small for me
  7. Hi @DeeringAmps Yes, I have been getting a lot of help from Jim, with only the promise of a pie and a pint if he is ever within thirty miles of my house. I understand that. However, based on the fact that my current laptop has a 512GB SSD for the OS drive, and there is only 107GB free, I will need a 512GB OS drive again. I could stick to SSD, but why not move on to better, faster tech? Yes, it is overkill, but I'm fifty eight and three quarters now and it is highly likely that I will never be able to afford to upgrade again in the future. So I am going for that tech now, rather than later. Did you mean 1TB? Sounds might small that. Can't remember the last time I ever bought anything less than 32GB, and that was an Micro SD card for my camera. The only time I use conventional hard drives now is for backup. I have two 1TB and two 2TB portable USB3 drives for that purpose. I'd never stick a HD in either a laptop or a desktop... Yes, and at some point in the near future I may add a second M.2 NVMe drive to my system. In the meantime I will be ripping the 1TB SSD data drive out of my laptop. At the end of the day, right now, PCIe based storage devices are the fastest you can get, I believe. I will offer you my thanks right now cheers andy
  8. Hi @Klaus Thanks for your reply here, I appreciate your time. Just to clarify, I only use External Insert to enable me to utilise my outboard effects. My hardware synths go directly into my audio interface. The only timing issue is when using a combination of hardware and software synths. What I do now, after many hours of trying out different things, is keep the timing of the hardware synths "as is" and apply a delay to the software synth tracks. Just seems to be easier for me. Manually shifting notes is not an option for me because I do a lot of sequencer type stuff that I want to be able to tweak on the fly and all the notes are quantised, as you would expect for sequencer tracks. cheers andy
  9. I've known of his studio for a couple of years, since getting into Eurorack. He has one hell of a system. I'm not a fan of his music but I did consider for a time subscribing to his "masterclass" thing. I actually like the bloke. Really? Surely most of us "self censor" all the time. Kinda helps keep the peace, don't ya think?
  10. I literally only found out minutes before I posted that. Apparently it isn't the first time he's been in "trouble." He has apologised.
  11. Apparently he has been banned from twitch for homophobic comments...
  12. Well, you said, I took that to mean that you want to have a few synths because having lots of synths is "a problem," and I interpreted that problem to be, the more synths you have, the less time you have to spend with each one, therefore not really getting to learn about what you can do with them. If I have interpreted your thoughts incorrectly I can only apologise. cheers andy
  13. With you there, Chris, you can end up spreading yourself a bit thin as you try to keep on top of your tools, learning how to use them, get into their sound and all that.
  14. Really? I mean, okay, may not have been "life threatening," but it would have certainly affected your quality of life. Got my own thoughts about our "wonderful" NHS, but I'll keep them to myself. All to do with my missus, not me. Taking them ages to diagnose what is going on... Anyway, not for here. Never great going "under the knife." So it's good to hear that you are on that road to recovery Jonesey 👍 And back home too... Always a bonus. I had six weeks of hospital food... I lost nearly two stone haha! cheers andy
  15. Interesting stuff @ien I'll be referring back to this sort of information before finally taking the plunge. cheers andy
  16. Me too! Was going to pull the trigger today but wanted to do a little bit more research first. Probably early next week now
  17. Absolutely. I have a couple now in the fire safe waiting to be used. I see them going into my desktop setup for sure
  18. Thanks @mettelus I think I should be okay then. That motherboard comes with six SATA 6Gb/s so losing one, or even two of those shouldn't be a problem. I will put the question directly to the company who will be building this for me before I order. No point in getting a 3000MB per second SSD if it can't work at that speed. One of the advantages, I think, of going down the pre-built route...
  19. I still have some homework to do regarding the M." drive. I am struggling to find out if my chosen motherboard, ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-E will actually use a Samsung 970 EVO M/2 NVMe card to its fullest. It has two M.2 ports that support "PCIe 3.0 x4 mode" but I have no idea what that means...
  20. Hi @Jim Roseberry My lad has helped me along a bit wit the "new tech," so I'll be going along with the NVMe PCIe cards rather than the ones that use the SATA bus. I know what you mean about "overkill," and for what I create, music wise, my system will be well over the top. My thinking is, this will very probably be my last PC, ever. If it lasts me ten years then, at 68, I probably won't be bothered so much about gaming (assuming I even reach that age), and I will probably be more than happy to freeze my music setup at a point that is still workable on my proposed spec. Hence some of my seemingly over the top decisions. If I did upgrade anything in the future it would be for what ever game takes my fancy at the time and will probably only involved swapping out the GPU. Funny really... I loved my laptop and it is still doing "almost" what I want it to do and I generally manage loading issues by freezing VST or printing effects as the need arises. I had always said that I would "never" go back to a desktop... Never say never haha! I still have another laptop that I like to take away with me, a Surface Pro i5, which handles straight forward VST stuff quite well and that is another reason why I don't mind going back down the Desktop route. And if I need something with a bit more oomph, like recording my youngest lads V-Drums at his house then I can always resurrect the old CLEVO by sticking the Pro 850 SSD back in and getting a newer one for my desktop. Interesting times... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a more powerful PC will help with some of my ongoing problems with crackles and pops... cheers andy
  21. Thanks, yeah, good point I think. I still have the option to go for a smaller (500GB) NVMe drive for OS and, seeing as I really won't be using my old CLEVO laptop much I am going to rip my 1TB Samsung Pro 850 out of that.
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