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  1. Strange. I honestly did not detect any sarcasm in the first part of your post. I'll give it some time to see how it relates to what I do. thank you Jim
  2. I started watching the series as I had just literally finished a mix and was moving to the "mastering" stage. In a very loose way, of course, because I don't really actually master anything. Anyway, watched the first five videos, which covers some stuff I already know. Onto the sixth and I now have to register an account before I can continue. So I'm having a think about that.
  3. synkrotron

    NI updates

    Yep, same here. Updated earlier this month. The only available updates I am seeing is Komplete Kontrol and Controller Editor, which I don't use. I don't have Massive X or Maschine Essentials
  4. Hi Kenny, I just wanted to say that it is good to see you posting here in this most difficult of times. I mean that most sincerely. cheers andy
  5. I agree As for I thought they were actually quite good, technically. I am not going to rush out to buy any albums of theirs, though. I liked some of it but not enough to warrant a purchase.
  6. Erm... Did you watch it Wibbs? 🙂
  7. ^^ thank you for your much valued opinion
  8. okay, last one... need to do other stuff now a closing note YouTube can be so enlightening sometimes with what it throws up as suggestions I was watching a video of a fellow ambient creator when I spotted a "guitar teacher reacts to" video. I sometimes watch those things the music video he was reacting to was the Polyphia G.O.A.T one posted above and that led me to listen to a couple more of their vids while I was looking more into the band I came across Covet and then watched some of their stuff too have a nice day
  9. sorry couldn't get back to sleep after getting up for a pee
  10. yes, yes, I do Craig, yes, I really do thank you
  11. I shouldn't even be replying here because I can't play guitar for shit and I wouldn't know a "good sounding guitar" if it hit me in the face. What I will say, though, is I love my PRS Studio. They don't appear to make them anymore. Not expensive at around £2200 but the most expensive single musical item I have ever bought. That got me a "Ten Top." A beautiful work of art, in my opinion.
  12. What if you don't do any of that stuff? Is it still worth me watching?
  13. Bbbutttt!!! a hundred bucks IS a DEAL! this effect is worth the full asking price, in my ridiculous opinion
  14. Just pay the one hundred bucks FFS! 🙄
  15. oh, wait, I think I get this one
  16. Ah, I didn't realise that... I must have missed that one. Not that I need it because I purchased Adaptiverb as soon as it was released. I have since changed the title of the topic
  17. If you need any help, tricks or tips, give me a shout here. I generally call in a couple of times a day. cheers andy
  18. Yes, you need to install the iLok License Manager software.
  19. Hi arnoldoo, I am afraid that the only person that can answer that question is you. I will say this, however, ADAPTIVERB is very much a "creative" reverb and not a reverb in the traditional sense. For me, ADAPTIVERB is a great sound design tool. I never use it as a reverb... I have Pro-R for reverb duties. I will also say that I have Valhalla Supermassive and Tritik IRID and they are also creative reverbs and I will sometimes use all three in a single project, such is the difference between them. It is possible to install ADAPTIVERB for a trial period. If you are looking for "just another reverb" then ADAPTIVERB is not for you. cheers andy
  20. synkrotron


    https://www.zynaptiq.com/adaptiverb/ Less than a hundred buck or euros until the end of August!!!
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