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  1. I think I'm getting the hang of it now...................
  2. You are mad haha! But I like you ðŸĨ°
  3. Talking of genius... new one of mine up... one hundred pence for eight seven minutes of (old) stuffs @craigb, are you on the mailing list yet? If not, treat this as an announcement. I can't post a link or I'll get lynched, again. (if anyone want it for nowt just give us a shout and I'll reduce the price to zero quids)
  4. It was all me. I confused me. I am easily confused. Thanks for pointing that out Mr Wibbles. I thought it was just song titles and not band names as well. That's my excuse anyway
  5. I'm confused. I thought I understood the rules but I am clearly missing something.
  6. Thanks for the Pentamerous Metamorphosis video @Wibbles 😍
  7. (perhaps I'm on someone's ignore list...)
  8. got a pop toon for ya, @Wibbles and @craigb can't say to much here or I'll get strung up... I'll pop over to the other place...
  9. because you love XXX obviously 🙄
  10. Probably what we call Jugs over here in the UK.
  11. No, I ain't no employee. Cakewalk couldn't afford my charge out rate... Erm... Nice necro...
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