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  1. Yeah, good that... She certainly does a good blow.... oh, wait a minute
  2. MONOCHORD use the app I should really post a link for those of you who have never heard of Spitfire Audio LABS https://labs.spitfireaudio.com/#category=&search=&new=true
  3. Yes, indeed Craig, and I explained that in the description:-
  4. speaking of which me faffing with Blender
  5. it's probably the same people that are hitting the thumb's down button on YouTube videos and hanging around in chat of live streams simply to say how crap it is instead of going to watch something else fwiw, the same is happening on the reaper forum... first posters ranting on at how bad reaper is so just trolls in general, in my opinion
  6. Been messing with Blender, since yesterday, and, this morning I rendered this little one minute snippet. Music is some shite throw away stuff I did on the modular a couple of years ago.
  7. no, I was thinking more along the lines of disposing of my body upon my death I don't think my organs would help anybody at this stage anyway
  8. I have also given this some though, over the last couple of years and, for me, it would have to be something on my arm saying, "please dispose of sensibly," or words to that effect. In green.
  9. Yes, Kenny, you need to take what ever time you need... And it may take some time. Some of us "heal" quicker than others... My wife still cannot talk about our Molly who we lost three years ago now. We have pictures around the house, but discussion of times gone by is still too upsetting for her.
  10. Sorry to hear that, Craig 😞 You have purchased all my stuff so far. I will be generating freebie codes for this next album so I will send you one as soon as I have done that. As for uploading to Bandcamp... That plan suffered a bit of a blow yesterday. I listened to the final renders on both of my TV sound systems and some of it sounded really crap. So as well as that back story I have some audio fixing to do. cheers andy
  11. I will have a look later. Thanks 🙂
  12. @craigb audio finished now working on the story line... I suppose I could upload the audio without the story line? thoughts?
  13. I wouldn't normally listen to The Beatles but I think that Revolver is one of the better albums. All in my very humble opinion, of course.
  14. I know what you mean... Seems to be the thing nowadays...
  15. slightly off-topic, but worth considering If you have an optical drive, and you feel you don't use it that much, take it out and fit a second SSD in that bay. There are caddies available for that purpose. The way you can leave your OS alone and place all your sample stuff on the second SSD. That said, I'm not sure that you can do that with all laptops. I just happened to spec up a new CLEVO about six years ago and I had the option of not having the optical drive from new.
  16. I think that can be a little bit of a problem in that you will always be waiting for the next tech advancement. Personally, I suggest to people, set a budget and then get whatever is available now for that budget. Sometimes you can "future proof" your investment by increasing your budget. If you have a limitless budget then just get the best available at the time... No compromise...
  17. I can't make my mind up if his moustache is real or stuck on...
  18. my old AMD prejudices may well just be that one for @Jim Roseberry (sorry Jim)
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