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  1. InstrEd = The New Bapu Get posting @InstrEd
  2. Good afternoon! I'm currently slaving over a hot Drone Machine Missus has gone out so I've done my usual... Nothing worthwhile, apparently haha!
  3. Yeah, I've still got one of them somewhere. I used it a lot and even took one to work. I had to keep a mouse plugged in so that if someone wanted to show me something on my PC they had something they could understand. Great for CAD stuff. But I did find it gave me a few problems, RSI wise, though I refused to accept it at the time. For quite a while now I returned to a mouse and I use a Logitech G500s. I don't find it that bad for what I do in which ever DAW I am using. I'm not doing major fader riding or anything like that. And most of the time I just use the scroll wheel for fader/knob adjustments. Got one of these too, stuck in a box somewhere. Not used that one for ages... I think I just preferred the Microsoft one and, for a time, there wasn't another trackball like it. For some reason, when the MS one went off the market most were ball operated by the thumb and the buttons with fingers, whereas the MS one was t'other way round.
  4. Yes, my "intro's" are World Infamous!
  5. Rush fan here. Watched them, oh, probably half a dozen times over the years. I always found their concerts to be a bit gruelling at times, lasting three hours! Anyway, I still think that Maple Syrup is the mut's nuts
  6. And is still wallowing around on page 19, now, it seems...
  7. I purchased a second OCTA-CAPTURE at the start of the year. All is well and the only real issue is one of latency when recording audio from synths which are driven by MIDI and also synchronising external hardware synths and then, on top of that, using certain VST effects known for inducing latency. Apparently, according to more experienced people here, it's a know fact that Roland are not the best when it comes to round trip latency. That said, I am working with it and around it. I would imagine that if you are just tracking conventional instruments that you wouldn't experience any latency issues. A doddle to set up
  8. Well, I don't inject it or anything, in case you were wondering...
  9. Oh, look, I appear to have gotten the TOPT Or is it TPOT Or TOTP Anyway, that crappy video about string has gone of the page...
  10. Now look at what you have done... This topic as gone all hot again!
  11. Then, once you have polished off that, desert (or pudding) is next; Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with Grade A, Amber Maple Syrup. Sprinkle with some 70% cocoa chocolate drops. Wash down with a cup of Earl Grey Tea.
  12. Then the only option is to watch it over and over until you have gathered all of the pieces of string. Keep me posted.
  13. Try; Wholemeal bread, toasted. Clove of garlic, crushed and rubbed on the toast (garlic granules work okay if you CBA) Some proper butter, salted if you wish. Copious amounts of Grade A, Amber Maple Syrup. To finish off, dribble a few drops of Tabasco Sauce onto the toast. The spice goes quite well with the sweet. Well, it does for me anyway...
  14. Doesn't matter. Just pick any one as they shoot past.
  15. Yes, yes, them there sugar butties. I'm surprised I have any teeth left... And, no, I ain't posting any pictures to prove that.
  16. I'm sticking with the Grade A Maple Syrup, thank you.
  17. I was surprised by that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automotive_industry_in_Canada
  18. Wow! Amazing! I hope it doesn't affect supplies over here... Might have to stock pile...
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