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  1. Thanks for your reply Bill. I checked each case and reapplied invalid option parameters, reinstalled newer driver. Today my interface is working gracefully, but I'll check much more days cause I don't why problem is occured exactly in my device. If I have more issue later, I'll post reproduce steps if it is possible.
  2. Hello, everyone. I've been using "Yamaha Steinburg USB ASIO Device"( Just call "UR-242" ) and cakewalk When loading the cakewalk project file, there is no way to control DAW because it repeats stop(maybe hang) and steady state. I tested another asio based sound program( sound forge, reaper, foobar and so on ). but I can't find especially something is wrong. Finally, I checked process handle via "Microsoft Process Explorer." When it works ok, DAW Processor is loaded ysusb_asio64.dll( My Audio Interface driver ) entry and updated well. On the other hand when it has errors, that file is repeated unload and reload. When I uninstall my drivers and Install asio4all alternatively, some tick sound is appeared when I play project, but all features are worked well. How can I resolve this issue? Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.
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