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  1. Hi, I have midi input devices showing SLMIXUSB [3] SLMIXUSB [4] SLMIXUSB [5] midi output SLMIXUSB [0] SLMIXUSB [1] SLMIXUSB [2] control surface set to makie and have tried various permutations of the ports above. set Mixface DAW config to various daw types but still only seem to get the faders to work properly nothing else. Alan
  2. Hi all, Anyone able to give me some help setting up my Studiologic Mixface controller with DAW please. I have it working the faders nice and smoothly for volume but when I try to configure the pan rotary knobs using Learn they just jump around 100%right,100% left ,2% etc.etc. i.e. not smooth or in the right relevant positions Not sure if I am doing something wrong in the setup. Any tips for configuring will be much appreciated. Alan
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