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  1. Hey Steve, I believe, that you've seen on Vi control was in reference to either our Expression Maps or Articulation Sets. Cakewalk Articulation Maps (which have a fairly confusing name frankensteined from the first two names ) don't have key switches, unfortunately. So, in order to assign an articulation you need to do this by using the menu instead. Admittedly, that's what I'm personally mostly doing anyway.
  2. hey guys, I hope a commercial announcement is okay in this part of the forum. Art Conductor is a collection of articulation maps supporting more than 350 commercial sample libraries. The maps share a unified naming scheme for the articulations and utilise Cakewalk's group feature to a great extend. In other words, the collection is not just randomly imported Expression Maps, instead the content was build for Cakewalk. And, they're available as of today Details can be found here: http://www.babylonwaves.com/cakewalk Here's a video: Best, Marc
  3. hey guys, exiting news to see articulation mapping in cakewalk. from what I've managed to analyse so far, there's a good chance that we can release a lot of artmaps once this version of cakewalk is not an early access version anymore. I have a couple of questions regarding the internal format of artmaps. is there a chance somebody could point me towards a person I can talk to? to those who're not familiar with what we do, we offer a commercial library of more than 6000 templates (expression maps / articulation sets) for +300 orchestral libraries. best, marc (babylonwaves)
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