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  1. Hi There I am currently working on a a project but find when I add SI Drums( a pre-defined beat from the library in ROCK section) it seems to distortion the whole thing on playback?? I have added Guitar initially with Effects from FH3 and then Bass using Amps/Cabs also from FH3 and all seems to be fine but when I add the drums its seems to distort the whole thing. Has anyone else come across this issue? Also is there a preferred precedence when recording tracks to stop this happening I.e. Drums first, then Bass then Guitar etc. ? Any help in this would be appreciated
  2. Hi There I have added a pre-defined track drum track (ROCK >> HOUSEONFIRE-B) for the SI-DRIMKIT. I have created a new track and dragged it into the track and its working fine. The beat is exactly what I am looking for but just a little slow so I was wondering if there is any setting to speed up a predefined beat? Any help on this would be very much appreciated Donal
  3. Thanks for the reply its much appreciated. I had the Effects(FH3) muted on playback so I wasn't hearing any sound....when i unmuted it solve the issue
  4. Thanks for the reply, its much appreciated...........I figured it out, I actually had the guitar effects(FH3) on mute when I was playing the track back so I didn't hear them. I unmuted and that sorted.....I didn't realise that the effects had to be unmuted on Playback....another learning curve!
  5. Thanks for the reply.........See screenshot below of the Console view. I think the volume is up and it's not muted? How do I find where it is routed to and this this correct?
  6. HI There I have just recorded an Electric Guitar track with TH3 Effects(Peadal, Amp) and for all the world it looks like it has recorded the track successfully but when I play it back there is no sound? I know this is probably something stupid that I have turned off. I am using a Scarlett 2i2 Studio Audio Interface and listen to the track back through the Headset which is connected to the Scarlett. Below is a screenshot of what I have recorded and as you can see it looks as though it has recorded it successfully but no sound on Playback. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Yes indeed he does say he is moving across to the the Keyboard to record the Bass in the video but he doesn't explicitly say that you cannot record drums vis through the GUI! Anyway thanks for the reply and that's a really good tip about dragging and drop it onto the track because there was some pretty good grooves in there alright.
  8. Ahhh Okay the penny drops! Yes I was actually using the GUI when recording as it didn't say in the video that for recording purposes the GUI is not functional...,,,,I was using the drums GUI for recording!!!! ..thanks for the info .......
  9. I have done that but now cannot hear the Drums at all now!! see the seceenshot below
  10. I tried recording a Drum track this evening after recording a guitar and vocal track but again it didn't record.....I set the Input to the SD Drumkit but still didn't work
  11. Yes, I can hear the Drums while I am recording but there is nothing coming up in the sound file so I know it is not recording it
  12. Thanks for the reply Nigel, I actually got the #2 issue sorted out with a bit of tinkering. I had to put the Output Echo on and actually had the TH3 plugin on mute so both those things combined sorted the problem! With regards #1 See below the link for the Creative Sauce video I was following up until 10:00mins.....basically I follow the steps add the Drumkit and record a drumbeat, but when I play it back the track is just blank so it is obviously not picking it up for some reason. https://youtu.be/YZqXiL2L36g This is a screenshot of after the track has been recorded
  13. Just downloaded Cakewalk a few days ago and using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and having a few difficulties with lack of sounds. 1. I followed one of the YouTube( Creative Sauce one) videos to record a simple drum beat( from the the drums plugin provided) but when I go through it step by step it just doesn't record anything for some reason....when I play it back the track is blank 2. I have got my electric guitar playing through the Scarlett on the software but when I try to add TH3 Amps and effects( I can successfully add the pedal, Amp and Cabinet in the window and they are switched on) the Level( the yellow, green, red gauge just remains greyed out) doesn't pick up anything up so I don't get the desired effects on the Guitar. Have tried doing 1 & 2 several times by deleting tracks and starting over again but yo no avail as the issues remain. Any help on these would be very much appreciated
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