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  1. Thanks for listening and commenting. Yes, I suppose it's a little out there - but when you can create music like She-Bulk...there isn't anywhere else you can go really lol. I do like to challenge myself and my ear I suppose. We've really dumbed down musical art - the conservatoriums here in Oz should be helping push western art music into new dimensions. You need a fair degree of music theory and context skill to create music like She-Bulk. I use Notion 6 for almost all my virtual instrument writing these days. You can really push the humanize control with Notion. Then of course you also have access to a full orchestra of instruments. I should also metion that I use Sonar for tracking, mixing and mastering (not Bandlab or whatever software is called these days). Although I used Reaper for a bit of vox varispeed. And even though I use mostly Waves effects for fx processing - I still use Sonar's tape sim...a lot, the tube saturation which is how I got the electric guitars to sound the way I did. I also use the quad EQ a lot too. Very quick and musical as they say. Thanks again for listening.
  2. A sonic 3d audio-visual play or at least it will be once I do the animation. Dr. Alice Horn, a pre-eminent psychiatrist, a world renowned artist and now part-time mercenary. Dr. Horn recently discovered she had a long lost cousin - Neb Bixby. Naturally she investigates and discovers that, Neb Bixby is indeed The Incredible Bulk! Coincidence or not, at the same she meets ***** McFee...Neb Bixby's arch-nemesis and together they hatch a fiendish plot to create THE SHE-BULK! Set in the late 1980s - Rise of The She-Bulk is the long awaited sequel to Don't Make Me Angry - The Incredible Bulk. This time the work feels more like a 1930s radio play. The first section of the work creates a day in the life of the main character - Dr. Alice Horn. Here we hear the reasons why she became and becomes The She-Bulk...so sleezy guys, innuendos etc. We also hear how she meets ***** McFee through work. The second section morphs into a news broadcast reporting on The She-Bulk. The media are the real villains of our times, and here I present Max Bland of CBC News New York morphing into THE ACTUAL DEVIL...hence the sleezy lyrics near the end. The work is really a commentary on our contemporary times and the predominant themes of said times...so the woke or cancel culture and the #metoo movement. Whilst, I have created the work to be largely sympathetic to what women put up with...there is always a caveat - and that is the Nietzsche quote - "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you" which is clearly a larger theme across The Incredible and She-Hulk universe and of which this send-up is also set. Rise of The She-Bulk, written, performed, mixed and mastered by Neb. Max Bland, Karl Rouge and Sir Richard Snogwhiz played by Neb. Stay Tuned for 3d animation. Enjoy!!
  3. Hi, well that's odd regarding mix. Mix comes through swimmingly on my Tannoy monitors, as well as, Yamaha home speakers...and also all my handheld computers. It may be a conversion problem at Vimeo's end. Sorry about cartoon nudity - I forgot. But on saying that...it's just *****, ***** and a bit of full frontal nudity...it's not like it's cartoon bonking lol. The reason I put the nudity in piece was to somewhat highlight the ridiculous prudish world we live in now. Pushing boundaries so to speak. Actually, regarding sound quality - maybe you didn't have video set to play at highest quality. In fact, thinking about what you described - it sounds to me like you definitely didn't have Vimeo player at 4k etc. Peace Neb
  4. It Must End! Is a pure pop sonic soap opera. Set in a familiar style of The Beatles or Queen, yet with a modern twist...the beats are almost hip hop. Well that's what the beats sound like to me. Performed, written, mixed and mastered by me using Sonar and Waves. Visual clip also created by me. Thanks Neb
  5. Eve all, I hope everyone is traveling ok? I've finally finished the animation to the last tune I posted here, which was a cover of The Jefferson Airplane classic Somebody 2 Love. The theme was Alice in Wonderland - with White Rabbit the sequel in the works. The audio or the cover of White Rabbit is actually complete. I've completed both this animation the music of White Rabbit in the last week. Both took a bit longer than I would have liked. Getting the fur on the rabbit being the biggest hurdle. Anyway...enjoy. Ben
  6. Eve everybody, I hope everyone is ok and safe? Time for some new music, this time a cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic Somebody2Love. The cover is an attempt to update the classic Jefferson Airplane Somebody To Love into a dance type remix track. To do this I've taken taken an initial idea from The Boogie Pimps remix, and spliced the spirit of the original to create this new version. I believe I've hit a new level with this work, so much so...it may be time to find a way to market the track. I have Soundclound pro and all that jazz...I'm talking about Facebook advertising and the like. Of course, I will also be working on a 3d animation music clip. I'm actually setting this cover up as Pt1 and White Rabbit as Pt2...so the theme of the song is Alice in Wonderland. Arranged, mixed and mastered by Neb Midi Sequencing by Neb Vocals, guitars, synths and Danelectro Baby Sitar played by Neb Anyway enjoy. Neb
  7. As I said Starise - it was never finished by George, Ringo did a version...but everyone hated it. Except me lol. Plans were not thwarted as such...I just wanted something more gental. On saying that I was thinking of going back to one of my original ideas which was a cover of Sympathy For The Devil...with Trump playing The Devil and his kids doing the ohhs lol. Thanks for listening :).
  8. Eve all, well hasn't been a strange old time - I hope people are well? I was on the way to covering Adam Ant's Stand and Deliver which would have been a 3d animated affair - I had designed the Trump model and all. Then the shit hit the fan, which meant I needed to re-think my creative plan...I thought the world needed more love so I decided to redo a cover of George Harrison's When Every Song Is Sung. It's actually an unfinished masterpiece with various artists over the years trying to finish it. Ringo did a version, but George sued him over it lol. I have taken both George's idea and Ringo's and spliced them together. You can find George's version on soundcloud...it is less than a demo really, Ringo's on Youtube. This is if you're interested in both their takes on the tune. Basically, I start with just acoustic guitar, piano and synth. This then grows to a full Beatle type tune at the end. I literally was listening to both versions and working out the arrangement at the same time. In George's version, there is some gospel sounding piano and trumpet stabs which I used, and which also helped glue both George's and Ringo's ideas and arrangements together cohesively. I more or less played all the instruments, except the drums and the orchestral sounds. Even the piano parts, admittedly I had to doctor these a little lol. I also used Wave's Abbey Road effects for an authentic Beatle sound. This included their new NX or listening effect - a virtual Abbey Road listening enviroment. These effects get a bit derided, but they do work...you just have to know how and when to use them. Oh, I also brought a Hofner Beatle bass and laid this down too. I about to pump out content, I've just brought 3 RTX gaming computers for content creation...rendering. I will have a 3d animation for this in a few weeks :). Right, stay safe and thanks in advance.
  9. As promised last year, when I put this cover of the classic Kiss track - I Was Made 4 Lovin U - here is the 3d animation I created for said cover. I've created a faux Kiss cover band. I won't give away the plot line, but let's just say that like the Kiss of today...the Kiss cover band are the epitome of selling out lol. The animation is close to perfect lol. The 3d animation is 30fps, 4k UHD, and all processing done at 10-bit...so WGR lol. I should have probably filmed the animation at 60fps. There's reasons for this. I know though...30fps and 4k...and 10-bit colour! And it's proper 30fps. Most animation uses the 2-1 or ever 1-4 technique. What this means is, rather than proper 24fps or the so-called cinematic standard - your only using 12fps or worse 7fps to create the illusion of movement. Of course the audio was all done in Sonar Platinum. Just for those fanboys. I'm working on the next movement of my symphony and a bit of naughty musical mashup idea of mine...cutting and pasting certain individuals to sing a song with me that I've recently written. And I have the hankering to put Drumpf (Trump) into Stand and Deliver (Adam Ant) and or Sympathy For The Devil covers. I've been working on a Drumpf digital actor in Makehuman lol. Cool, and enjoy!!
  10. Lol. If you watched the Star Trek TV show from the 60s - you'd know that all I've done is ramp the campy weirdness of TV show up by 10. I've then added some campy 60's Dr.Who and a bit of The Next Gen to create piece. You should also know that there's an Overture And the 1st movement The other two works within the symphony aren't visually as good. I was still working out all the parameters and workflow. The next movement, if I can finish will see Kirk, Bone's and *****...I mean Chekhov lol go down to planet earth circa 1972 to get Pink Floyd see overture and movement 1. I've done the Floyd models....which look great. I'm going to do an alternative Live In Pompeii...I've only got the roman colosseum you see. I've written a faux Pink Floyd track Let There Be More Bite lol, with a middle section called Julia Snow 😉...this segue into a Meatloaf type power ballad, which of course Kirk sings. He basically falls in love with Julia Snow...but little does he know a young version of Khan is in the audience and he kills Julia Snow. Kaos ensures. Lol. I haven't quite got the end...but that's the art part or where you leave it to chance and the automatic. I also plan to introduce a third quantum lady this time...The Projector. Although you have already met her - she's actually the flex ***** bot and if you watch closely towards the end of Spock's Adventures in The Quantum...she materializes and catches The Toaster as he is shot. I know bonkers - but I have an abundant imagination. The best is still yet to come - movement 4 - Going Backwards and Always in Reverse lol. The Next Gen or as I've dubbed them The Snowflake Generation with Piker are introduced but in a meta joke they get wiped from existence by The Zorg changing the past. If only I used my powers for good...or something useful. Ben.
  11. And now for something compleatly different! Here is the animated second movement of symphony 2 or The Curious Adventures of Spock's Brain in The Quantum Realm. Enjoy
  12. Thanks - I did struggle a little with vox hence I did some jiggery pokery with the effects. It's the triplets. It's also hard singing to a guide track. Thanks for listening
  13. Hi Daryl - thanks. I have worked very hard on every aspect of music craft. It has paid off - well not riches and fame lol - but I am now at a whole new level. And I am still only going to get better. Thanks Ben
  14. Hi Bjorn - thanks for listening. Gosh...you don't know the original...you're one of the few people who don't, but it gives you an interesting perspective on the track. And yes - there are a lot of layers. The dos and chorus probably have 10 vocal tracks alone. I thought I heard castanets on the original - so I chucked some on but deep in the mix. 3 or 4 verbs and various types of delays. Then of course there is the passive binaural stuff for proper headphones. The guitars, the rhythm is pretty close to the original - so I used Guitar Rig 4 and a Marshall, which was fed into Waves Pye compressor and Wave's Helios EQ (the original was recorded at Electric Ladyland from what I could tell, or Record Plant...so I surmised these types of EQs and compressors would have been used). The lead is a little more interesting, because I am not Space Ace...I can shred, but I can't bend and shred. So I did some jiggery pokery to play the lead line like Ace - but then doubled that line with a granular synth version of the lead line 😎 Showing off now lol! Thanks again. Ben
  15. Hi Tom, thanks for listening - I checked the original 32bit master 😉 - I have an LG phone with a 32bitDac, and actually I create 64 bitFp masters from which the 32 bit master is uploaded to Soundcloud - but I checked the master and I suspect it is either on Soundcloud's end or of course your connection, or it is how Soundcloud compressed the file. The issue is the granular delay on the toms at that precise time - and Soundcloud's compression algorithm. There is no real reason to compress music IMO these days. Again, my phone has 100 gig of storage - expandable by another 2 terabytes and a 32bitdac - the clever lie streaming companies have sold us is holding back musical art back in so many ways. No I don't have a music streaming service and never will! Thanks again. Ben
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