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  1. Bump... anyone figure this out yet? The only thing I can figure at this moment is that you can route your bus output to a patch point in the main tracks and control it from there. I haven't tried this yet but I will let people know if it works or not...
  2. Super frustrating - there should at least be a workaround where you can temporarily assign any fader on the DAW to the Track 9 fader... this is a real bummer, as I like to automate my busses from time to time. Hoping that I can at least hack this for that task!
  3. Hello, I have successfully got my new Nektar Impact LX49+ to work with Sonar, but there is nothing in the documentation about how to control the Bus faders. Is there a way to get this to work, either in 'Mixer' mode or some other hack? It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't allow you to control those faders somehow.
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