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  1. Thanks Fred. I also think the harmonies at the beginning of the chorus turned out well. I actually was surprised at the unintended complexity of the harmonies (in the transition between the pre-chorus and chorus) It's usually a hit or miss endeavor, using both Melodyne and actual backing tracks. But I'm slowly learning what works and what doesn't, along with the mixing levels of the lead and backing vocals. Thanks again, for listening and commenting. I greatly appreciate it.
  2. Thanks S, I usually get quite a few Dylan comparisons for my songs (or for my vocals) I got that east coast nasally accent thing going for me. I've gotten a few Tom Petty comparisons on some songs as well. It's all good, I guess it's better than being compared to Yoko. (A nice woman, but her singing.....not so much)
  3. Tom, I just posted a revised version taking some of your suggestions into account. Let me know if you think it sounds less muddy. For me, there's a sweet spot where the kick drum and bass guitar sound perfect together, sonically locked together like one instrument. So I think I got a little closer on this pass. (Revision is on the same link from above)
  4. Thanks for your feedback Tom, I appreciate it. I like my mixes with a strong bottom end but as you know, that could be one step away from being too muddy. I mixed it with headphones, I mastered with my studio monitors, and played it back in my car and on my laptop. But I'll try your suggestion of adjusting the EQ. I've been trying to make my investment of EZBass worthwhile, although I still haven't found a decent bass sound that I like (one that mixes well with the kick drum) I like the EZBass patterns and other features, but after 3 sound packs, I still haven't found one that sounds as good as my Go-To bass: Scarbee's Rickenbacker Bass.
  5. Thanks Bjorn. If it's a vocal glitch, there was a couple of those that I need to fix. But if it's just a general audio glitch, I believe that might be due to an ongoing unsolvable problem I've been having between Cakewalk and my computer. You can see my specs below, and I've spent a couple of years trying to track down the problem, especially when I add in Ozone to master the final version. I get a lot of clicks and pops. And believe me, I've read almost everything about this issue and have tried almost every option and tweak. I think maybe I just need a beefier computer and/or faster hard drives.
  6. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and compliments. I figured I wrote so many sad, angry songs about you-know-who, it was time for an uplifting, faster tempo song. And as for channeling my inner Springsteen, that's possible. When I sing, I never know what style is going to come out of my mouth. Many times I get a country sounding vocal, but this time (during parts of the song) it was definitely a punk/new wave style of singing. Kind of strange but I just go with the flow.
  7. Lee Shapiro

    "Welcome Out"

    *Updated mix/version 11/30/2020* An optimistic song about a new year, a new president, and the hope for unity and a brighter future. And as always, comments, suggestions and critiques are always welcome. (Scroll down on the song page for lyrics) "Welcome Out"
  8. Still EZB, but I did a lot of tweaking, including EQ, replacing the really low notes an octave higher (less mud), and changed the length of many notes. Several times I had the urge to go back to my old reliable Scarbee Rick Bass, but decided to stick it out with EZB, to see if I could get it to sound better.
  9. Thanks Lynn. I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you listening to it!
  10. Sabby, I thank you for your opinion, and I appreciate both positive and critical responses. But I'm having a hard time understanding what you're trying to say about the "sound/mixing...reaching for a feel that you can't hear in your head." Is the song too busy, because that I would agree with. I think there are one or two many competing instruments vying for your attention. But I did do some work on that while remixing/panning and EQ'ing to try to give each instrument it's own space.
  11. Based on some of the comments and suggestions I received here, I now have a revised version of this song. Some of the changes made were: making it less "rumbly" at the low end vocals are louder in the mix some general remixing and EQ'ing And changes to the bass guitar track Thanks again for your suggestions, I hope you find this version an improvement. (Use the same, original link above)
  12. Thanks Freddy. I really appreciate all the feedback everyone has been giving me. I'm sure you know, the longer you work on a song, the harder it is to be objective. So it's good to get a bunch of "fresh ears" to listen. And I agree with you about the vocal levels. Along with the bass, the vocals is the other thing that I struggled with trying to get it just right in the mix. And somehow I ended up with the vocals being a little to low in the mix (almost drowned out by the snare drum), and the harmony (backing) vocals are even lower. But I'm still working on a remix, so that's one of the things I'm going to correct. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks Tom. Thanks for listening and for the feedback. And I'm glad the mix (bass) sounded good to you. I know the sign of a good producer and good mastering is to make sure the song sounds good on anything that it's played on. I'm still learning how to do that.
  14. Thanks Bjorn, I appreciate the feedback. After your comment (and Tom's) about the rumbly/muddy bottom end, I think I'm going to do another mix and tweak the various EQ settings. And maybe try a different virtual bass.
  15. Thanks for listening Tom. And I often get "sounds like Dylan" or "sounds like Petty". Probably partially due to my east coast and/or nasally tone. But for this song, I actually did have Dylan's singing style in mind when I first started working on the vocal. I didn't quite pull it off, but it's in there somewhere. As for the heavy bass.... I can't tell you how much time I spent on remixing specifically trying to find just the right amount of bottom end. On my M-Audio BX8 speakers, it sounds very bottom heavy. On my mixing headphones (Bayerdynamic DT 770 Pro) it sounded just right. And listening to it on my laptop, of course, not enough bass. I'm working with a new virtual bass (Toontrack's EZBass), so it's not my usual go-to bass (Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass), and it's getting used to working with a new instrument. I generally like my mixes with a solid kick/bass mix, and usually bring it up more than most people. But maybe for this song, a little too much. Thanks again for the notes. And if I decide to remix and re-work it, I'll take your notes into consideration, like adding a bit of silence in between the intro and the start of the song.
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