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  1. Thanks Greg. I don't think this Dell has an actual card, just the audio drivers on the mobo. But I'll double check. I'm sure Cakewalk will work - just wanted to prepare.
  2. I plan to install cakewalk on a Dell XPS 8930 soon, for a friend. My PC has an external FocusRite audio device so Im used to setting it up to record internet audio. But for a Dell with just the standard mobo audio, will I be able to configure it for audio recording off the internet?
  3. Thank you all so much. Please forgive me for not mentioning my equipment. I have an Alesis QS6.1 with midi in/out ports. I use a focusRite pro 40 for the audio. So maybe it is simple. I will install the midi cables and configure the whole midi preference dialog. I asked because I don't want any local sounds coming through at all. I want to know that my daw is only playing the virtual instrument. I could simply unplug the audio out cables or delete the audio track. Im starting to remember now, so I appreciate your jogging my memory! My vst is the xln audio addictive keys. Beautiful sound for cheap!
  4. I haven't touched MIDI for years now so could you remind me of how to setup my keyboard just to trigger an instrument? Right now I use the bank/patches for sound, but as I relearn using midi instruments, how do I tell the keyboard Im just using it as a controller? Do I select the general midi bank? I could just unplug the audio out cables. What's best practice?
  5. I have a few vst plugins that I bought well before cakewalk changed ownership. How does it work if I have to re install an older vst and need to re register?
  6. When I use Cakewalk, no other apps are open. I do not make changes to config settings either. So I have absolutely no idea what to look for!
  7. By the way. Although I don't know a lot about the OHCI driver, the internet says its for USB. I have a gigabyte mobo that supports USB 2.0 and 3.0. Its only a year old.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. My firewire is the Startech PEX 1394B3. That is recommended by FocusRite so I have it. However I have no idea what the chipset is. I will double check that. I also don't know what version the OHCI driver is, so I'll check that too. 1. The error code is 13. I have discussed this with tech support for nearly a year but we found no solution. 2. Ashwin and I went through the dropout diagnostics specs very meticulously. No solution. That's why Im asking here cuz I have "stumped the panel!"
  9. Does anyone get chronic audio dropouts? I have been troubleshooting with Ashwin over at tech support, and we cant find the problem. Its error code 13, and we have already addressed all the configuration issues for audio, drivers, buffering, etc.etc. Im wondering if I have incompatible hardware. Here's my setup: Ryzen 5 1600 CPU. 8 gigs RAM. Gigabyte GA AB 370 mobo. Focusrite Pro 40 audio device. Firewire pci board recommended by cakewalk. Windows 10. I can't discover the problem, so I wanted to know if you have encountered this problem of chronic dropouts no matter how you configure the DAW.
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