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  1. I already had all the bundle offerings that I wanted, except the ones from Brainworx. The ploy worked: I have since bought a few additional Brainworx products, which previously had been too expensive for my budget.
  2. Since I was a Sonar Platinum user, and occasionally still am, I have all of the old synths. I bought the versions that weren't free, too, as well as the video tutorials for them. I'd like to see any of the old stuff back, not so much for my benefit as for those whose needs wouldn't require more "adult" synth VSTis. If I didn't already have them, I'd want them. I think it's ludicrous to whine that they don't have all the bells and whistles of a pricey 3rd party software instrument. If that's what you want, you can buy it like everybody else does, and get what you really want! It's not up to Bandlab to buy your dinner, IMHO. Ask for something deliverable, and you might get it.
  3. I'm having no luck at all with my M-Audio Oxygen 25. It doesn't seem to have any conversation with CbB at all. Has anyone else managed to get this to work? I'm thinking it won't, until such time as Bandlab decides to add DirectLink support. But I'd be quite happy to be proven wrong! Thanks! -- Bob
  4. You've got it! I don't use the staff view myself, but maybe someday. Track and piano roll views would be great!
  5. This is a feature request. Currently, "now" scrolls across the screen, and across fixed tracks, which can then jump periodically across the screen and provide on ongoing view of the project. I would love to see a fixed "now", let's say indented 10% from the left edge of the display (or ideally by some settable parameter amount), and have the tracks scroll past "now", instead of the other way 'round. It occurs to me that this may never have been added as a feature because of the CPU it would require, but I've never seen the code. Perhaps it is more doable than I know!
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