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  1. The hook says "I got a brother who only call me when he need sum, thought that for me you gon ride just like a nissan". Thats why I used the car for the video. I mastered to -11 LUFS it was turned down 3 DBs by Youtube. I appreciate your input, Thank you. @noynekker
  2. Explicit content
  3. @DeeringAmps Thank you for your input I really appreciate it & I know is not your genre but still id like to know what would you do differently to the vocals?? & I do get what you're saying with the bass line, the instrumental was premixed by someone else so I only had the two track to work with. How could I add definition to the base line of the two track??
  4. @mark skinner Right on! glad you noticed that lol
  5. @Wookiee I love this advise, Thank you!! I will definitely try to spice up the base in my next production.
  6. I have seen a pitch tool for clips before, but I was not able to apply it to vocals. It would be cool if we are able to just change the octave of clips without having to use an external plugin
  7. I appreciate your input @Wookiee ! By the way, what do you mean by more developed?
  8. Thank you for your input Jack,I got a questions. Songs needs to be longer? why?
  9. Thoughts on this mix? WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS
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