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  1. Heard the developer is ending things and now giving away this synth. Spectra is a powerful digital additive resynthesiser built exclusively for the Reason platform. Spectra's ability to analyze and resynthesise any periodic, harmonic waveform via its inbuilt spectral waveform analyzer means you may never exhaust Spectra's sound creation possibilities. If you have ever wanted to sculpt sound by drawing your harmonic spectrum, waveform or drawing a spectral filter response then Spectra may be what you've been waiting for. Please note that Spectra is only available for Reason 9.2+ owners. https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack-extension/spectra-additive-resynthesizer/ I downloaded this and can confirm that it works in Reason Lite. Nice addition to the rack and thought it was worth mentioning here for all that got it.
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