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  1. This is a feature that is really lacking in Cakewalk.
  2. Is there not a function that allows to boost gain by much more than +6dB? I want to amplify some recorded sounds by much more than that, how can I do this?
  3. Thanks. Basically I did not understand the logic in managing instruments or sounds in tracks. In other DAWs you can mostly just drag&drop something in instruments or FX and then use them, how does this work in Sonar? In particular: How can I add one more instrument in a track? (and have multiple instruments) dropping them in FX will not work. How can I just use one sound from a file in a midi track? like a beat for a drum? How can I change a midi track to an instrument/sound track?
  4. I have imported pure MIDI tracks to Cakewalk, and now need to assign instruments and sound files to them. I have trying for hours but cannot seem to find how to do this, since drag&drop definitely is not helping, and other "soft synth" additions only create new tracks. Could someone help me please? Other than that, I have recently discovered Sonar and like it so far. I am trying to "migrate" my songs from Ableton and Reaper to it, any tip welcome.
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