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  1. I listened to a bit before I read that you did this on cassette....which I immediately heard from the start. Just can't get this kind of harmonic distortion goodness from any plug in. Loved it.
  2. Here’s a track I did a few years back that I always liked, but hated my original mix. Some U2 nods here and there, as it is full of jangling guitars, weird allegorical lyrics and anthemic flourishes. Waiting For The End
  3. My only tiny crit is that your vocal should be up a db or two. Other than that, sheer perfection!
  4. The song is great, but that keyboard lower register sound just washes everything else out. There's no room for the rest of the "band" to noodle around cleanly.
  5. It's like Tom Petty came back from the dead with a harder edge. Great stuff!
  6. HI there folks. Here's a track I posted four years ago I recently remixed.
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