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  1. This has kind of gone away (for now) but I will note down what I have found, as I do not know the root cause and I'm not convinced it won't reappear. I will try to be as specific as I can (am an Embedded SW dev myself ) but these are the (perhaps coincidental) findings:- - when the problem hits, it's really slow to scan VST, impossible to use, then, somehow it gradually gets better, not always for anything I've actively done. This happened on 2022.02. I realise I haven't proven the problem is with Cakewalk itself yet, respect guys for the generally great (and Free to use!) DAW. The multitrack comping works really nicely these days, I use across 5 grouped drum tracks, that's much better than the last version of Sonar Pro I had before BL. Anyway, I digress. - I'd given both machines thorough checks with Ccleaners and Antiviruses (paid versions) which did not seem to help. - since last Thursday, in the last 2 days it seems to be a getting better and I could load projects again in a shorter time, reducing to a few minutes. Yesterday CPU/memory intensive (mixdown) and other operations - PS I tried some groove quantize for the 1st time - extracting midi from a clip - are working fine despite the slow scans. - the VST scan appeared to start quite quickly, and then slow down, but could vary. As the scan seems to be 1 thread(?) I don't think any one plugin was slowing down, all seemed to take the same time (few mins each) when slow. - Once a project was loaded, adding plugins from different vendors was slow too. - As a Windows 10 update was available to try, today I installed this: 06/06/2022 2022-05 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 21H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5014023) Install this update to resolve issues in Windows. ... - this seemed to alleviate the problem further. So I tried on my 2nd machine before updating windows, to see if the problem was there, it was not (with 2022.02 I had seen the issue on both machines) The 2nd machine (laptop -both are i7 machines, 2x SSD ,16GB RAM -see attachment) didn't seem to be suffering at all. I updated to 2022.06, still ok, then updated windows, still ok. - Looking back now, there were windows updates around Feb'22 when this started being a problem, but I'm not drawing conclusions. - I couldn't do an exact like-for-like since I have some Waves plugins which are licensed only on 1 machine. I know one can move them around, ...but I was having other problems with them (some missing from the install). I bit the bullet and paid to upgrade those as some were a few years old, and with v13 I get a 2nd license on them (although for 1 yr only unfortunately), so I can now replicate the setup. - Both machines are now working fine, scanning ok, and loading up new plugins is ok. I attach my machine details from a scanning tool, FYR. Documents.zip
  2. Attaching log file. You can see that I have updated the plugins. There is also more info in this log "VSTSCAN: > dispatcher" lines - I hope this helps. The scan took nearly 3hrs. thanks, Paul VstScan-202206EA.log
  3. hi, I posted on 2022.02 about slowness loading up VST plugins. I downloaded 2022.06 early access and the issue is still there. I have reinstalled new versions where possible of all my plugins. It is taking several minutes to load each plugin, so for the number of plugins I own it is taking almost a couple of hours. This wasn't an issue before 2022.02. I will leave it running overnight to see if it does actually finish the scan, and I will get another log if I can
  4. hi, I wondered if there was any useful info in the logs previous - I have attached new logs. This has been mostly taking a couple of minutes since my original post in Feb, However, today loading is extremely slow again - 1hour and 40mins. If I omit some of the directories it can be quicker, but of course I do not want to omit my precious plugins. PC resource manager is showing loads of free memory, and low CPU usage during the scan. I also ran CCleaner Pro to cleanup my registry and that has not helped, and I also turned off Norton AV while loading. Are you aware of any upcoming fixes that might help this? Or any other suggestions? thanks in advance. VstScan-02Jun.log
  5. OK here is the log, cheers Paul It took 10-15mins. VstScan.log
  6. hi Jonathan, thanks, with 2021_02 (b29) reinstalled I've started a scan. It's definitely back to being very slow (sandbox off) If the log is useful I'll attach it when it finishes.
  7. hi, before I saw your last message I rolled back to 2021.12. I scanned with the settings as per screenshot (no project loaded)- sandbox off - it took longer than I remember in the normal case, but it completed in 5mins (~10x faster than what I was seeing) I have loaded my project up and it's doing the same. Let me know I can replace 2022.02 - but I think I didn't usually have sandbox ticked (if it's not a default) IIRC I ticked it just out of curiosity.
  8. since 2022.02 VST scan exceedingly slow for some plugins- taking 2minutes per plugin - 45mins to load all of mine that used to take a minute or so (even tho I have a lot of them). This has occurred on 2 machines I have BL Cakewalk installed on. I can remove folders then it scans quicker, but that doesn't solve the problem as I am missing plugins. I have done a manual scan to grab the logfile. Prior to 2022.02 I had no problems. This is just one example of many: Thursday, 24 Feb 2022, 15:23:26 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- LogFile: C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Logs\VstScanSandbox.log Thursday, 24 Feb 2022, 15:23:26 Opened Log File ----------------------------- Command line: /VSTRegPerUser/VSTRegKey:"Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST X64"/Background/NoRescanning/SONARHWND:1115758/ScanVst:"c:\program files\common files\vst3\bx_shredspread.vst3"/ToastGuid:{8AA18684-EA94-41D0-89BB-9301F34F6191} Flag: VSTRegPerUser Flag: VSTRegKey:"Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST X64" Flag: Background Flag: NoRescanning Flag: SONARHWND:1115758 Flag: ScanVst:"c:\program files\common files\vst3\bx_shredspread.vst3" VST to scan - c:\program files\common files\vst3\bx_shredspread.vst3 Flag: ToastGuid:{8AA18684-EA94-41D0-89BB-9301F34F6191} VSTSCAN: ******* Analyzing VST plugins... VSTSCAN: ---- 1: c:\program files\common files\VST3\bx_shredspread.vst3 ---- VSTSCAN: [ShortPath] c:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\VST3\BX_SHR~1.VST VSTSCAN: [RegKey] Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST X64\Inventory\c:/program files/common files/VST3/bx_shredspread.vst3 VSTSCAN: ---- Loading VST plugin c:\program files\common files\VST3\bx_shredspread.vst3 ---- VSTSCAN: VST plugin successfully scanned VSTSCAN: WRITE VST DATA... VSTSCAN: WRITE VST DATA - successfully wrote complete VST plugin inventory record... VSTSCAN: Finished analyzing VST plugins - 1 of 1 VST plugins were scanned in this run Closing log file Thursday, 24 Feb 2022, 15:25:36 VstScanSandbox.log.txt
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