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  1. My default setting was with the solid color bars showing. Couldn't tell if there were notes present or not.
  2. To get rid of the colored bars - Click "View" directly above the tracks - Then Click "Display" - Then Click "Display Clip Contents". Remains in effect when opening a new song or when shutting down and restarting CbB. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!!
  3. When I first start Cakewalk BandLab and open a .mid file this is what I see. There is no audio, just MIDI data in the song. I just wish I could have BandLab default to open with the MIDI notes showing instead of the solid bars all the way across the screen. I got the notes to show by clicking Edit - Select All. Then opening up the first track, holding down the CTRL key and clicking Clips and finally Notes. When I save the file and re-open it, it still defaults to the solid colored bars in the tracks.
  4. I finally figured it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to expand each track, then clicked on "Clips" and changed it to "Notes". Talk about hidden! Have to do each track, of each song, individually. Wish there was a way to make this the default setting! Just had to play with it awhile!
  5. All of the MIDI tracks show as soon as I start Cakewalk and open an existing song. They are saved as a .mid file on my hard drive. I have noticed whenever there is an audio track it shows the sound waves inside the tracks but when there is MIDI it only shows a solid colored bar across the screen.
  6. I am using Cakewalk MIDI to control 6 synths (Ensoniq TS-10, 3 Korg m1rs. Emu Proformance Pro1, and an Alesis HR-16 I bought in 1988), with no audio. On the original Cakewalk Sonar I bought in 2016 each track showed squiggly lines when there were notes to be played. With this BandLab version there is just a solid bar all the way across the tracks even when nothing is playing. Just wondering if I can replace the bars with something else like on the original Sonar so I can see what's happening in each track or if I can get the bars to just turn to black in a measure when nothing is playing. But I have searched and can't find any mention of this. Dennis
  7. How can I remove the solid bars in all my midi tracks? Would prefer notes or dots when active in a measure/
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