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  1. Wow. 😜 I'm starting to open up old projects and I look at the screen and it's like I've never seen the CW UI before. I can't remember my hotkeys to open and close things up. I can't find stuff. I can't remember how to do things. It's a bit frustrating and overwhelming. 🤥
  2. Funny, when I was a young fellow, I put those egg crates up on all the walls of a bedroom in my mobile home thinking they would somehow make the room sound proof. 😝
  3. Yeah, Waves support helped me to sort out all of my license problems and I have my Waves plugins running again.
  4. I kind of remember someone like you describe. They were constantly putting out songs in the songs forum and they were so obviously BIAB it was ridiculous.
  5. No that wasn't me though I have used BIAB to work out a basic arrangement with someone with a song in their head but didn't play an instrument other than sing. I've saved the piano track and then added live instruments to it.
  6. When it takes an hour to scan through your plugins to find one you want to use, you might have too many,,,, Nah! 😅
  7. My prayers are with her. Encourage her. Diagnosis isn't a death sentence.
  8. I still have 24 channels of Mackie control in the garage. I was thinking about selling it but now......🤔 😆 What have I done? I've unleashed the monster again. 😂
  9. Yeah, I know what you mean. I spent more time on eBay selling stuff than thinking about music. I sold three Univeral Audio preamps, an Avalon channel, mics, Joe Meek stereo channel and various other small things.
  10. I probably will go with this update. Two of their customer support people have been very helpful to me this last week. My Studiocat music computer was a wreck when I started toying with the idea of putting a little studio together and it required a new motherboard. My Waves licenses and installations were completely jacked up and these guys went above and beyond what company policy might have been to get me going again.
  11. I'm having problems with Waves plugins, as well. In my case, I don't think its just a Cakewalk problem as I am having the same issue with every DAW program I own. My issue, started with the need to replace my motherboard and having to reinstall the Waves plugs.
  12. Hey, guys. Spent the weekend assembling the left over gear into a workable bedroom studio. What do you think, so far?
  13. Wow! It's been a day of work for me. Got my speakers wired and I finally got sound. I am still using SPLAT but WOW, it's like totally alien to me now. It took me 30 minutes to figure out to how to replace a synth on an old track when Superior 2 turned into Superior 3 somehow. I managed to fix a hard drive that a local tech told me was trashed. All it took was checking the drives for errors in the Properties>Tools. (Probably the same as running scandisk.) That saved me hours of downloading sample sets for Toontrack products.
  14. Lemmesee; I was here and then I got some projects and I ended up floating between Studio One 2, Reaper, Sonar Platinum, Pro Tools 11 and Samplitude Pro. Then my wife got the cancer and as I was finishing up projects and listening to her cry in the other room because she was scared to death, I started evaluating a few things and deciding what was really important and what was taking up a lot of my time with her (thinking it might not be too long.) Hooray! She got an operation and the cancer was gone! God is good! Then.... I got the cancer a year after her. Bummer. God is still good and he had already prepared a good surgeon who removed that cancer. Unfortunately, in the process, she ruined my chances of becoming an underwear model. Then a year later, I was at the verge of going into cardiac arrest and got to take an ambulance ride for another hospital trip where I was fixed by a doctor who placed a Pacemaker device in me. The next time I found time to turn on the old DAW computer, it was dead so I said, screw it. Then we moved from our big house with a nice studio to a teeny. tiny house (in American standards) and I sold most of my nice gear but kept a bit in case I changed my mind about getting back in the studio. I found a guy who fixed my computer (dead motherboard and one one harddrive). A few weeks ago, my wife said I should put together a small space in the corner of one of the spare bed rooms, to be used for my music room. And so I've started rebuilding and here I am again. That's the Readers Digest condensed version of what's been going on.
  15. When I met you, you played one handed guitar. You would look at your right hand and say, "What are you for?" You had the heaviest gear (mainly because I ordered it) and the worst back. Ernie Isley was your hero.
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