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  1. enriquec

    My Latest Deal

    sweet story behind a sweeter dig! well deserved Larry
  2. I'll take any PA spare voucher also, thanks in advance
  3. Creation_and_Translation_ebook
  4. Is there a glitch or is IK going to extend the GB up to 9 freebies?⁉️
  5. I jumped twice on this GB. Have just got me AT Fender Collection 2 from JRR. Now is time to decide what else I should choose/skip besides all 4 Tape Machines and both Leslies. I'll be using TR/AT mostly on keys. Happy to keep reading your suggestions in this thread. Also, would be ARC System software only bonus (with no mic) of any use?
  6. Early this month, Reverb gave away their Roland TR-808 Sample Pack. Now their Roland TR-808 +50 drum machines https://reverb.com/software/samples-and-loops/reverb/3514-reverb-drum-machines-the-complete-collection
  7. Sonex Audio has released a free 6.3GB Steinway Grand Piano Size 6.31 GB / 2805 Samples / Kontakt 5.6 required https://www.sonex.store/en/index.php?route=product/product&path=72&product_id=58 https://sonex.store/files/Sonex_PA_Steinway_D.zip
  8. Do I have to purchase from IK webstore to join the group buy ? Could I become part of it registering the license bought from usual official resellers?
  9. So... In order to reach a $80/$150 tier... does it matter the "regular price" from Waves stores or their current on sale price?
  10. Thanks for the heads up Larry!
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