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  1. PM you , King. I missed vol 7 and 12!
  2. did you mean the presets quoted by Lemar? www.arturia.com/community/presets
  3. Thanks Larry. I've misused the €25 voucher to get a €9 Boesendorfer Staccatos license, for free. https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/bosendorfer-staccatos
  4. Awesome. Working here, It took less 10 minutes and a confirmation email
  5. Try USERSURVEY20LG98HBT5 code, should bring elysia karacter for 15.
  6. https://www.waves.com/account/oneknob-phatter-free https://modeaudio.com/magazine/modeaudio-x-waves-exploring-oneknob-phatter
  7. Any love for SE versions? Money is tight!
  8. Done! Many thanks King Larry! If anyone needs to complete the discontinued ones, feel free to ask.
  9. (Not a Deal, Excuses to the Mods). I am looking for this Klang's May 2020 freebie, "klang_reverberated_strings.zip" Just realized mine was corrupted. 😕 Any chance to get it in a private link? TIA
  10. @Peter - IK Multimedia Does a Sampletank SE with SKU XCH-VRI-1049-201 qualify for this GB? Thanks, I've been browsing IK website and wasn't able to get the answer!
  11. Any experience purchasing from proaudiostar, guys? Never purchased before. I'm trying to create an account, but log in/sign up system it doesn't work for me. I've tried several web browsers. TIA
  12. Redeem this offer now until August 30, 2020!
  13. Found on Reddit: https://slatedigital.com/edm-sample-pack-2020
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