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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words and positive feedback! Such a great community here!
  2. Kind of a long intro to a spacey tune with a sinister bridge. Thanks for watching. Thanks to Cakewalk, MTD Basses, API Audio, CAPI, and Rupert Neve Designs.
  3. Renaming the .exe worked for me as well. The problem seemed to happen right after a Steinberg Generic ASIO driver was installed.
  4. Thanks guys! I used a pitch shifter to spread out the drums a bit and some mid side EQ as well. The rest was just simple panning techniques. Thanks for listening!
  5. Thanks Mark! Svengoolie is pretty cool. Lots of interesting films there.
  6. Some new Post-Halloween Gargoyle Rock. Thanks for watching.
  7. Thanks Jack. There are a few things I do to get those drum sounds. It starts with great snare, tom and overhead mics (Gefell M300) I don't usually pan the overheads all the way L and R. Maybe 75%. This keeps the kit tighter and allows room for the guitars. I also don't pan the toms more than 50% to keep most of the low end in the center. I keep the tom and snare reverbs tight and directly behind each drum for more definition and separation. As far as VSTs. I use mostly Fabfilter stuff for compression and dynamic EQ as well as the SSL Drumstrip Native Plug-in. Thanks for listening!
  8. The prevalence of a median artery was around 10% in people born in the mid-1880's compared to 30% in those born in the late 20th century. If this trend continues, most people will have median artery in their forearm by 2100. Microevolution at work. This concludes our biology lesson for today.
  9. Thanks for watching and all the great comments guys! Much appreciated!
  10. We're not sure exactly what genre this is but we're going with Future-Retro Cyber-Funk. Youtube: Bandcamp: https://illogistical.bandcamp.com/track/parallels Thanks for listening!
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