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  1. Hi there. I'm sorry, this is a very noobish question, but I'm new to Cakewalk (and anything outside of Garageband/Logic), and I have no idea about the right terminology to find the appropriate post for this. So basically, when it comes to creating drumbeats using software, I'm very much accustomed to the Logic/Garageband school of "you make a track, you select the instrument, and then you draw onto the piano roll." After watching a few videos, it looks like Cakewalk's capabilities here are pretty robust, but I cant seem to find an "easy" way to make a drum track in this way. Does anyone have a reference for a means to do that kind of quick beatmaking? Also, when using the sequencer, it seems to default to 16th notes. Is it possible to change this? For instance if I wanted a super quick hi-hat fill or something if i wanted to throw in a 32nd or 64th note? Or is that not intended to be done in a sequencer? Thank you so much!
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