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  1. Hello, I am a piano, and quartet classical composer. I love Cakewalk for a decade. My VST and FX are stable for years, and all my creativity on Cakewalk operates on the Piano Roll view. I know this view is quite Legacy but I desperately need two keyboard shortcuts, that would save me so much time of work on my mockups... -One shortcut to Increment or decrement per-selected-notes-velocity ( without to have to zoom and meticulously verticaly grab and drag up and down... very annoying and the main time loss in my worklow) -One to switch between internal channels (notes/pedal soft/pedal sustain/cc vibrato, etc... ) without having to mouse the menu everytime... It's hard to focus on the music when you much to focus on several steps when just changing a intention for a individual note. If I could have this two shortcuts I woud be so more productive... If I miss an existing feature feel free to correct me Thanks for you feedback anyway
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